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KG Programs List

  • Level 1 learning (40 days):
    Register with us and join the Whatsapp group. The group strength can vary from 25 to 30 students. The everyday lessons will be sent in the group and you just need to practice them. Spend 10-15 min/day for learning. Our experts will be available to answer your queries through WhatsApp group.
    There will be an assessment conducted in the month end.
    Fees: Rs. 100/month, Registration fees of Rs. 100.

  • Level 2 learning (2 months):
    Register with us for the level 2 learning. If you know basic Kannada, learn directly from the next level.
    Pre-requisite: Clearing level 1 assessment.
    Fees: Rs. 100/month, Registration fees of Rs. 100.

  • Advanced Kannada learning:
    This can be a 2 month or a 6 month course as per your requirement.
    Course fee – Rs. 1200 / month
    Prerequisite: Level 2 assessment.

  • Corporate Classes:
    A combination of WhatsApp and Live classes at your office.
    Please contact at hello@kannadagottilla.com for more details.

  • Free learning through Twitter and Facebook:
    Like us on Facebook with the handle kannadagottilla to learn 3 sentences per day.
    Follow us on Twitter to get daily lessons.

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