Madam, Do you really know Kannada!

[Disclaimer: A humorous take on people who know Kannada really well (to both read and write) and their native is BENGALURU. Most of the conversation happened in Kannada and the literal translations are given!] A weekend in Bengalooru, you book a cab to go to a place. The driver calls, "Madam I near Central Mall, where [...]

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Tipu Ishtory

I was in my 6th grade when I first saw a glimpse of this angry man wearing a boat shaped turban – a side portrait of Tipu Sultan in my Social Studies book. I remember doodling on his face – colouring a thick lush moustache on Mr Tipu, ignorant about his valour or courage and [...]

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10 Months Advance.. Welcome to the new Bengaluru

10 Months Advance: Namma Bengaluru was always a dream for me. When I was busy studying Electronics, my brother used to go to Bengaluru and come back with the stories of big malls, trending brands, fashion statements, climate. These stories were always happy and joyful. Finally I landed at the land of IT gurus. After [...]

Stop saying KANNADA GOTTILLA ..!!

In a survey conducted by a newspaper recently, it was revealed that nearly 30% people in Bangalore are not from even born in Karnataka, and a lot of them don't even know Kannada, absolutely ZERO..!! These are people especially in Whitefield and other IT sectors and other industrial areas, as Bengaluru is Indian Silicon Valley, [...]