Highly messed up thoughts. So much preoccupied that even a cobweb feels to be lesser entangled than the thoughts that run in mind.

Sitting in the bus, I try to put down all the work that are on head and all that I have to do to make the best out of coming days. The very next moment my brain says, “c’mon girl, you anyways have to get restless once you get down the bus. Atleast till then, relax and take a nap”. So there I go to short hibernation with cold inside out (19deg AC, totally unnecessary)

But this one fine Monday, with usual thoughts and getting ready for a nap, kept aside the phone. A soothing song hit my ear drums. Thanks to the driver who plays Kannada radio station in namma BengaLuru where it’s only 41% of Kannada speaking crowd.

Doni sagali mundé hogali doora teerava serali. An amazing poem penned down by Rasarushi Rashtra Kavi kuppalli Venkatappa puttappa fondly called Kuvempu.

May the boat of life row ahead, go further, to take us to our destiny. Weathering off the gusty winds, going up and down on the waves, may the boat stay still to reach the destination. This is what the poem talks about.

For a moment everything that burdened me, melted away. There’s a line in it which says, “nénné nénnégé indu indigé irali naaLéyu naaLégé”. The poet is giving a message to transcend our lives beyond time. Let go the past. Receive the future as it comes to you. Live in the present without a hitch on what next.

Kuvempu enchantingly explain the beauty of nature and the shining world that it lends us to celebrate. When everything that is given to us is so profoundly beautiful, why do we have to have a frown of worries on our face.

Yes, I love the job I do, I have the gratitude for having filled my stomach today, I have chosen the life I am leading and I am happy, then why is there a need to form a heap of worries.

I got down the bus with a thanks and a smile to the driver. He must have thought “ee Madam ge éno aagidé. Sumne thanks heltare” (something is wrong with this lady. Simply giving me a thanks).

Little does he know that his vehicle’s radio station, made my days to come.