Hello Twinkle Khanna,

You have been one of the good actors in Bollywood, I am a great fan of you.
Recently I read one of the blogs written by you on AIB roasts and I also found an extreamly worthless hype given to that blog. That blog says nothing more than other blogs or other articles I have seen about AIB. Even AIB has said that same thing in thier video released with TVF guys.

Now the point is why there is a hype given for this article?

With lot of respects to your talent, I purchase a costly ticket to watch a movie in the Cinemas. But, if you have such a hype and publicity given by the public, why are we not using it for something good rather than blaming politicians?


We have the rights to complaint against anything wrong.. you find things wrong, make it right.. A common man is afraid to speak up due to lack of support.. but all common men will definitely support a celebrity, you be the leader, we will support you.

How many times have you tried to contest in Elections? How many times have you helped to stop corruption in the country? Why are you not trying to join forces or politics? How did you help the economic growth of the country? This is not a blame game, rather these are my humble questions.

You have money and fame. Why cant you get down to the field and work rather than writing blogs or tweets on the internet? If you do this, may be some other celebrity would follow you and the chain could create a better country with great leaders..

PS* I am supporting AIB on this issue.. They are excellent on humour.

Thanks and Regards,
Another blog writer 🙂