10 Months Advance:

Namma Bengaluru was always a dream for me. When I was busy studying Electronics, my brother used to go to Bengaluru and come back with the stories of big malls, trending brands, fashion statements, climate. These stories were always happy and joyful.

Finally I landed at the land of IT gurus. After I made t128406554_13492373821_largeoo many circuits and after I learn what is semi-conductor, I was there at the silicon city. Initially I stayed at my uncles house until this “IT training” thing completed. I was all into the City and the bright lights of the city had all evil things hidden in the dark. I completed my training, and was officially ready to go to the office. Officially ready to move to my own rented house.

The hunt of house for rent started. I checked all the websites and informed all my friends about my requirement. My facebook friends liked my Idea of searching a house, some wished me luck.

It took me 3 weeks.. 3 weeks to understand it is difficult to find a house. The owners were scared to rent the house because I was not married..(not being married was a new crime at Bengaluru)..  one of them stared at me and then was like “Kitna kama lete ho”?.. later he says “will see, call me tomorrow”.. He is just a bl**dy house owner, who is treating me as a useless kid who is asking for free help.. people around started asking questions as I was roaming around the area clueless. After all this, I quit the hope calling an agent who can fix me up with a owner.

Indeed, he did.The house was spacious and the rent was 6K for 1BHK.. I agreed to all the conditions, planning to shift immediately, but cancelled when I heard the owner talking about the 10 months Advance.. I moved back to my uncles house to save some more money to pay the advance. However I couldn’t save enough money in 1 year. Eventually I moved to Pune.

But in later years, when I stayed at Chennai, Pune, Bombay, Hyderabad the condition was not same there.. no one asked for an advance money of 10 months.

Many speak about many things at Bengaluru.. no one talks about this, why?? Why do we need to pay 10 months advance money? The rent is hiked to 10,000 / 1BHK in many areas. How can you even expect 1,00,000 from a fresher? or a student? or why will anyone pay 1,00,000 or sometimes more than that? If I fix this deposit in the bank, I am paid at least of 6%.

Basically, when I am at Bengaluru, I lose 6% (bank interest), 10K (painting charges), over-priced rent, 10K (agent charges).. approximately 40K every year.. Guys understand that, this issue is created by ourselves..

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