My friend is an amateur cyclist at one of the biggest metros of the country. He was on evening rides and a car driver hit him. Now his doctor says not to ride or run for 6 months.. And possibilities of getting a life time cycling ban from his parents. He posted the same on social networking sites.. so here is one of the advises from another friend. “You were

cycling at a wrong place and wrong time”.. hitcar

Now, why the victim is always blamed in the country? why? These are a same category people.. who are set to say “You were at a wrong place and wrong time with wrong dress” to a girl. Rapes happen and then they blame the victim. I have heard the same statements from many self-proclaimed educated people .. Now is this a kind of illiteracy that we have?

If a cyclist is riding on his lane with all the safety, make sure you give his way. If you are in hurry, if you are late for your work, if you have some business deals, those are definitely not more important than someone’s life. I would say be thankful and kind to the cyclists who are trying to save the globe from pollution created by your fun and luxury.

A need for cyclist empowerment.. 🙂