Here is why clean people don’t have to make a hue and cry of demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

1. How much legit cash can you have at home, if you are clean.. say max 1 lac ? You have 30 days to deposit the same in bank account. There is no need to rush and deposit all on day 1. Have patience, Dec 31st is not tomorrow !!!

2. How much cash you will need to run your house for a month, again if you have simple lifestyle… say Rs 20,000. An average Indian household may not need more than this for day to day needs. All you need is spend two hours each in two banks to withdraw Rs 10,000 from each bank, even with the current rush of people in the banks now.


In all, just about 4-5 hours per family. Can we not spend 4-5 hours for making an attempt to curb black money. You don’t even have to apply for leave as banks are open on Sat and Sunday too. For a movie like Kabaali or for IPL matches or Jio sim, we are perfectly okay to stand in long queues, but can’t we stand in queue for just 4 hours in total for a good cause??

This will not eliminate black money, agreed. But this will definitely make a dent in the black economy, as people will think twice before accepting cash portion in real estate deals, for example.

So, anyone who makes too much noise, is most likely not raising a genuine concern but will be driven by other motives !

Let’s all support this attempt by spreading the awareness about how simple it is to manage this teething issue this week.

– CA P.R.Sudarrsan