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Kannada Gottilla (I do not know Kannada), happens to be the most common phrase used by most of the non Kannadigas residing in Karnataka.

Kannadagottilla is an initiative that focuses on teaching Kannada to non-Kannadigas, thus making their stay easier while also making them feel more welcome.This website was launched on 15th of Novemeber, 2014 as program to teach Kannada for friends and then it was made public. A simple registration process enables you to learn. The group as well as one-on-one approach makes the learning process easier, faster and effective.

Things you require to start the lessons:

  • Interest, Determination, dedication to learn
  • A Smartphone, not smarter than you 😛
  • WhatsApp
  • Register to the program

Register and become a part of the ever welcoming Kannada family.

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