So, We have been reading and watching a lot about the Tanzanian girl who made news last week! Whatever happened there was completely inhumane. The barbarous attack by the mob is absolutely vexatious.

Let us just sit down and analyse the different angles to this ‘RACIST BANGALORE’ tag!

Many students from Africa, just like people from all over the globe, dream of pursuing their higher education in INDIA because the cost is just a fraction of what it is likely to be in all European Countries.

Obviously, Bengaluru is their favourite destination. We all know the reasons! Climate, Cost of Living, People and what not!

According to the Union of African Communities of Bangalore, more than 2,000 students from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameron, Sierra Leone and Sudan are studying in various colleges in the city.

Initially, people of Bengaluru are introvert towards these students because of the infamous reports of drug dealing, smuggling of weapons etc. in Africa.

Just like people in India stopped eating all noodles because of the excessive Lead content that was found in NESTLE’s Maggi!

Yes, all Africans are definitely not the same! There are many students from Africa who come here and excel in their careers. Many also think that Bengaluru has changed the direction of their lives.

I repeat, ALL AFRICANS ARE NOT THE SAME! Just like this fact : ALL BANGALOREANS ARE NOT THE SAME! One must admit this too.

The INDIAN NATIONAL MEDIA is portraying our beautiful and friendly city to be RACIST, INTOLERANT and what not! Some of the people who claim to be the ‘TOP JOURNALISTS’ in the nation are on a rage!


Bengaluru has always opened it’s door to the outsiders with a Respectable Job, Food, Water and not to mention a pleasant smile. There is no racial discrimination here whatsoever. Many students from Africa speak very good Kannada is a testament to the friendly nature of Kannadigas!

Not just Africans, Bengaluru is a home to many people from other states of India as well! That is exactly why you see people from Delhi, Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. working here. So, It’s very evident that there is something that attracts people from other places!

Bengaluru is almost saturated now. It’s the IT Hub! Sad to see that it is loosing it’s famous ‘Garden City‘ tag now! Yes, The weak greenery is making way to the much powerful Concrete! There is no other way. More than 5 lakh people move into this City in search of livelihood every year.

We, the native Bangaloreans don’t have a problem with it! We have always welcomed everyone with a gracious smile!

Despite all this, Do we really deserve the ‘RACIST’ tag? I mean, come on! If we were really Racist and Intolerant, Bengaluru would have still been the city it was a decade ago! Only few people reading this have an idea of what our beautiful city really was! We have compromised with everything! We have lost the flavour of our originality!

Dear National Media,

Please stop defaming this glorious city. DO NOT JUDGE anything based on one incident! Respect the feelings of people from all places. Stop using my city to gain cheap popularity by portraying something aggressively.Promote LOVE and NOT FEAR!

Yours Sincerely,

A hurt Bangalorean.

Studying final year civil engineering in SVIT BANGALORE..
Living in Yelahanka new town.