1Sunday, the only holiday I get in my busy working days. So I always want to spend it visiting new places. This Sunday I visited Ramadevara betta located in Ramanagara. Ramadevara Betta is well known for Country’s only Vulture Sanctuary and Sholay movie shooting spot. I am interested more in the Vulture Sanctuary than shooting spot.

Vulture Sanctuary

I started at 6:30am reached Bidadi had an awesome Bidadi bisi Tatte Idli and reached Ramadevara Betta at 7:45. The first thing I did was to run into the sanctuary and search for Vultures. As I was wandering in search of Vultures I found few students who already gathered in search of it. So I sat up at one place and waited to spot a vulture. After a long time I noticed one thing, it was 10am I waited for two hours. So I decided to head towards Ramadevara Betta and visit sanctuary later.

Way to Vulture Sanctuary


This is one of the place where Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha did their vanavas(live in the forest). This place has a pond which was made by Rama using his power with an arrow, because seetha was in need of water to take a bath.


Idol of this temple is many 100 years old and it’s a very rare sculpture. Seetha is sitting on the lap of Rama.


There is one more significance of this place, this is the place where Jhatayu (Vulture) fought with Ravana to save seethe and killed by him, but Jhatayu waited till Rama returns to narrate the story of the kidnapping of seethe by Ravana. Vultures still live in this place and they also breed here. So Indian Government declared this place as an only Vulture sanctuary of country.

(Source: Priest of the temple)

Temple on top of the hill

Seven pillar like stones signifies the seven Saints (Saptharushi)


Coming back to Kaliyuga, the day I visited Ramadevara Betta. This is not a tough place to climb. It has around 400 steps to reach the temple and very calm place. There is one more place to reach the temple, but it is rarely used.


I tried to go down, but at some place it is so densely packed that I could not go further so I had to climb back. As I said earlier, this place is also known for Sholay shooting. To reach the shooting spot I needed to walk for a few meters and again climb the steps which are carved on hill steep. It has been just 30 steps to reach the top, but at an angle of 90 degrees. These are simple steps to climb, as I scared of height it became difficult for me to climb. Somehow I made it to the top and it was a relief, clicked few photos.






It was time to go down, again and I have to go through my fear. Climbing up was easy compared to getting down because while going down we have to look at the deepest point. This time also I managed to get down safely. After all these things I ask only two questions for myself.

Why do I scare of heights? And what push me to overcome my fears every time?


I am still searching answers for these questions. After finishing Ramadevara Betta it was time to revisit Vulture Sanctuary. I reached Sanctuary and started searching for Vulture and found two Vultures sitting far away, which is very hard to spot. I tried to take a few photos and waited again 2 hours for Vultures to fly away from their place.


But they were sleeping not moving at all. So I decided to leave the sanctuary. While walking towards my bike, forest department people stopped me to enquire and He insisted not to enter without permission. It’s a restricted area. He is kind enough to leave me without any charges (money). I felt bad that I could not capture the photos of Vulture. Next time, I will visit with permission.


Distance: 55km from Bengaluru
Nearby places to see: Savandurga and Janapada Loka

Small introduction to Janapada Loka


This place has all kind of Instruments, Culture, folk Dance and folk songs of Karnataka which are in extinct stage. They also encourage people who do folk arts by organizing functions and inviting artists to perform from all parts of the Karnataka.




21This place is an exhibition of our culture. The things which we were seeing in daily life like, Basket weaving, Farming etc are displayed here. I also heard a conversation of a mother explaining to her child “Ivaga tractor use madtivi alwa beLe beLiyoke, avaga idanna (negilu) use madta idvi”. Generation has changed so much that we have to exhibit our daily life in some place.


Patta Kunita


Dollu Kunita



Maari Kunita


Huli Kunita

Article & Photos by Arpith Kumar