Ragigudda Jaathre!

Exam time in Barcelona, middle of the class my mother puts a picture of a beautiful bag and a purse says she bought it for me in Ragigudda jaathre. The gush of memories played in my head. I think that was the time of the year where I saw the maximum number of people in [...]

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Rajyotsava or Raja-Utsava ?!

This is my first time away from home and all my favorite festivals have passed by. I really miss the food, the celebration and of course meeting the extended family. Dasara and Deepavali are given a lot of importance due to various religious and spiritual reasons, in between there comes a festival (Utsava) called 'Karnataka [...]

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Hello folks!! First of all, apologies for this article finding ground in English. The very idea of expressing the ideologies and motives of a KANNADA SANGHA in a language other than the vernacular, here at Bangalore (or do we call it Bengaluru for we are pressing harder than we ever thought we would?) sounds cliche. [...]

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[This is a Six part series of my travelogue to Europe] EPISODE : 1/6 It was a holiday that a family which traveled rarely took. I scantly remember going to a family trip far away to 'Badri Kedara' when I was three years old. Other trips were to Tumkuru, Mysuru and Mangaluru.  Traveling was never a part of [...]

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When life gives you lemons, keep calm and make Paanaka !

Namma Bengalooru temperature is soaring high. It has reached probably the highest in few years. But summers in Bengalooru was my favorite in my childhood. The trees,the play ground and endless supply of Paanaka (sharbath) are never to be forgotten. Bengalooru summers were really cool(not an oxymoron). For a girl whose native is bengalooru and [...]

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Madam, Do you really know Kannada!

[Disclaimer: A humorous take on people who know Kannada really well (to both read and write) and their native is BENGALURU. Most of the conversation happened in Kannada and the literal translations are given!] A weekend in Bengalooru, you book a cab to go to a place. The driver calls, "Madam I near Central Mall, where [...]

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One year at

One calm day, thinking amidst the air that has been conditioned, unconditionally, I was listening to my favorite Radio show on soundcloud. MJ Prithvi s Birthday Bakra recorded on soun dcloud for different state audiences like me. He called up a person who was new to Bengaluru (apparently a North Indian) and started translating a [...]

10 Months Advance.. Welcome to the new Bengaluru

10 Months Advance: Namma Bengaluru was always a dream for me. When I was busy studying Electronics, my brother used to go to Bengaluru and come back with the stories of big malls, trending brands, fashion statements, climate. These stories were always happy and joyful. Finally I landed at the land of IT gurus. After [...]

Article by ‘The Hindu’ on

Gopal Agarwal has found a way to use commuting time for a long-time wish. Ever since he came from Delhi to Bengaluru nine years ago, he wanted to learn Kannada but had never got an opportunity. Now, for the past month, he has been learning the language through a WhatsApp group called ‘Kannada Gottilla’. For [...]

Stop saying KANNADA GOTTILLA ..!!

In a survey conducted by a newspaper recently, it was revealed that nearly 30% people in Bangalore are not from even born in Karnataka, and a lot of them don't even know Kannada, absolutely ZERO..!! These are people especially in Whitefield and other IT sectors and other industrial areas, as Bengaluru is Indian Silicon Valley, [...]