10 Questions I have been asked while I am riding Cycle

1) Kahan se aaye ho? Kahan jaa rahe ho?

These are common questions, I will have a single word reply like Pune to Goa or something like that.But what if I revert the same question to a guy riding a bike or driving a car? what id I stop the car guy and ask where are going to?

2) Kitne log he? akele jaa rahe ho?
Why the hell he wants to know, how many are riding? If he wants to know let him count by himself.

3) 200 km? cycle pe jaoge?

You know, I am on a Cycle and obviously I will ride the complete 200 km in cycle. I dont know why this expression..

4) Kyu kar rahe ho?

WTF?????$@#$##.. Cycle is a mode of transport and mode of fun.. people spend their days and nights running behind money, why cant someone just cycle for fitness and fun? I mean what kind of question is this..

5) Kitna deti he?

This is a Ftard question.. just point towards him and tell “Tere se jyada”..

6) Cycle ka price kitna he? Itne ka cycle??? aesa kya he is cycle me?

Ok.. Why did you opt for a Pulsar over splendour? android over a Nokia 1100? why are you on a swift instead of an alto?

7) Gearwali cycle, bike se tez chalegi na? usme koi bhi 200 kar lega na?

Dude.. this is a cycle and runs on manpower.. I have been asked this question by educated MBA holders.. IT guys.. Gears and better cycles makes a difference yes.. but you need to have patience and passion to go long distance.

8) My friends ask “Tumhe koi kaam nahi he kya? Velle log hi aesa karte he”..

Dude.. Did I ever ask you the same question, while u r busy watching Happy New Year or Dhoom 3 for 3 hours? or when you are window shopping at a shopping mall? or when you are waiting amidst the traffic?

9) Tere area me bus nahi he kya?

Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. Beep..

10) Aap India tour kar rahe ho kya?


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