2 Years of Journey

First of all Happy Children’s Day to all 🙂

You should not lose the child in you no matter how old you grow…

And it’s a proved  that what ever you learn when you were child ( below 5 to 7 year ) , we will never forget.

That the reason we still remember twinkle twinkle little star, johny johny yes pa…

But we don’t remember the lessons taught in  Degree or engineering…

Haa haha.. I know everybody will agree to this… let me come back to this childhood days later…

We have another reason to celebrate 😀

2 years ago, on Nov 14th 2014,

A KannaDiga who was working in Pune, who used to go Cycling for hours, As he quotes the sound of chain and gear shifters always pushed him to miles.

But he had different thought that night. He dint think about Cycling instead he thought “Inn Cycle hoD did saaku, nam bhaashe nu beLsoNA”

And then KANNADA GOTILLA started!

He wasn’t one of those cribbers, who just cribs about everything, but never tries to find solution nor stop cribbing about it..

He made up his mind to come to his ooru (Karnataka) because he knew that there’s new trend in bengaLooru, when people from outside who have been in Silicon city for decades know to say “KannaD gotilla” and we cant blame them because kannaDigas are known to be very welcoming that they instead of speaking in kannaDa and teaching the outsiders to speak in kannada, they start speaking in their language and learn their language 😛

He is Anup Maiya

Founder of Kannada gottilla who left his job in Avaya, along with his Brother Rakesh Maiya and his cousin Madhu Kukkuje started this wonderful platform to teach kannada to non kannaDigas who are willing to learn kannaDa.

There was a meetup of Students and Anup in bengalooru and there were 10 students who learnt kannada through Kannada Gottilla.

It was telecasted in TV 9 kannada , being a proud kannaDathi myself who always wanted to do something I can to make people talk in kannada, never got the opportunity to do so to larger crowd (just used to teach to friends , classmates ) , searched Anup’s Id  in Facebook and after all permutations, combinations of spellings (Anoop, Maiyya, Mayya) finally found him!

Texted him that I would love to be part of it. It took him 2 or 3 days I suppose, I got the reply and that’s how I became the part of Kannada Gottilla Kutumba.

Well it wasn’t a smooth walk.

There were lots who made fun. Teased him, Mocked him, tried to pull him down, but Anup was determined to do what he wanted to do.

And here he is received HeMmEya kannaDiga award this month and we have had 4000 students till now from Neighbouring states Andhra, KeraLA, tamilnaDu, to people from Delhi, Bengal, Rajasthan and it has crossed borders too.

America, Germany, Mexico, Denmark, Dubai to name a few.

People used to laugh when I said I teach kannada through WhatsApp mobile application, No matter what you do people will laugh and there is saying in kannada.

Modalu Avamaana, Amele Anumaana, konege Sanmaana.

Yes.. now people recognize us.

More than recongnition, we are happy that our team has made willing outsiders to learn kannada and we feel elated when they speak in kannada…

Happy to be part of this family and we do have lot of children’s in the group

Me, Nivi, Appi, Ro, Shri, Ranju , Rakesh , Jagath, Prashanth, Meghana ….

Head mistress of our School Suma madam :P.

We all are MNC professionals 😛 but happy that the naughty child in us is still alive 😀 when we are in the team we become children’s and we become mentors  when we teach and  become responsible kannaDigas when it comes to namma Bhaashe <3

I remember Anup saying KG travel wasn’t like AIRAVATA OR MERCERDES BENZ , Sleeper coach.

It was more like General compartment Rail travelling, we all KG mentors boarded different stations but our destination was one.

Kannada <3

Yes! general compartment alli sigo maja , AC coach alli sigalla 😀

AT last.. Thanks to Maiya brothers, My KG kuTUMBA, my Family, especially nanna Amma who taught me kannada and my kannada Teachers Lakshmi mam in primary school (I don’t know where she is, wish she reads this) and Shanthamani mam who always stressed on Fluent Pronunciation and showed how kannada is Beautiful language one could ever come across (MLA high school, Malleswarm) (yes….!!!!coming to the Scientifically proven fact, Teach Mother tongue to childrens, when their Knowledge about Mother tongue is vast its easy for them to lean any other language) My friends of course those people from other states learning kannada <3

People who think speaking in kannada is seen as low standard, do u feel inferior in introducing your MOM to your friends ?

If yes… u are free to do so.

But those who are proud of being kannaDigas , flaunt it.

We are the most welcoming people J ( no of outsiders in our cIty ) , Most Intellectual ( no of Jnanapeetha awards ) , Sweetest and oldest language ( Only language which has words exactly as its pronounced ) , Most Bravest ( NO of soldiers from our KoDagu ) heLkonD hodre list thumba doDDadide….



MUDDU MANASSINA ELLA DODDAVRGU makkala dinaacharaneya shubhashayagaLU

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