7 accessories cyclist must have:

1)) Helmet,

Do not ride without a helmet.. this is for your safety..


2) Puncture kit,

If you are doing a long ride, have a ankara olgun escort pucture kit and learn how to do a patch or change a tube.


3) Headlight,

Cyclists do need a headlight. This helps to when the road is full of potholes or you might have random people waling in the highways.


4) taillight and reflector,

Night rides are always dangerous without a taillight or a reflector vest. numerous accidents have been recorded due to cyclists not being visible to the big vehicles.

5) Water bottle and a bottle holder,

Hydration becomes a very important part when you are on a long ride.

6) Cycling shorts,

Lot of new riders are not aware of this. Wear cycling shorts to save your butts.



7) a Good horn,

Bell or horn will be necessary in the city rides.



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