Sanchari Vijay – says Sandalwood can compete with anyone

When the whole country was behind the shiny world of Bollywood.. someone had to talk about Kannada movies..

People were expecting PK to be the great movie.. Aamir Khan to be the best actor for the year.. or Shaahid Kapoor to win

the best actor award.. And it was not wrong, they hSanchaari Vijayad done a unique roles and acts.

But, these were flashy bollywood movies, which got all the attention from audience.. I am sure there could be only few people who haven’t watched PK in the cinema hall (I am one of them).. People do overlook many times.. Everyone are concentrating towards the bollywood movies.. no wrong in it.. I too watch bollywood movies like crazy..  but if you are true movie watcher, if you have that passion to watch good movies, you will definitely go ahead explore the good movies in all the languages..

Now the point is when we have lot of attention to the Bollywood movies.. why dont we just get a straight attention to good movies in other languages too? I know some good Kannada movies dont get theaters to release (commercial reasons)..

But.. forgetting all these discussions..  this guy has made it in the 62 National Awards.. Sanchari Vijay, an actor who doesnt even have had his wikipedia page (before today), has won the best actor award beating all the nominations, proving that the talent can come from any region.. any language.. it s just the acting that matters.. 🙂

Congratulations Sanchari Vijay​ Lingadevaru Shivananjappa​ for this awesome award :)..

With best wishes Kannada Gottilla​ team 🙂

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