A Gaade a day….


A Gaade (ಗಾದೆ) a day …
As in all languages, Kannada has a very large collection of proverbs called “Gaade (singular) or Gaadegalu (plural)”. Pronounced “Gaa – dey”. They are a great way to pick up the language and a lot of wisdom to go along with it.
In fact I think Kannada is probably the only language that has a “Gaade” about “Gaadegalu”. It goes “Veda Sulladaru Gaade Sullagadu” translated as – Even if the Vedas are proved false the proverbs will remain true. It kinda brings out the egalitarian approach of the Kannada people who value a bit of common sense and wisdom over a lot of knowledge. It is also a bold statement to make since you are taking the David of grassroots folk wisdom and pitting it against the Goliath of the esteemed Vedas. Kinda like social media taking on mainstream media 😉 if you may. Kind a like…well you get the point. There are thousands of Gaadegalu and a person who can quip a “Gaade” for every situation is titled “Saaviraaru Maatina Saradara” translated as – The Chief of Thousands of Sayings.
In any case how does this matter to you as a person? We all know how impressed people are when we belt out witty and wise one-liners that suit the context. Well imagine being able to quip a “Gaade” for every occasion that helps you not only look good, but feel good. After all it gives a lovely rustic warm feeling to whimsically look at a complex situation and express it with a simple proverb with a dash of wit doesn’t it? Also it will be really cool to figure out how people think alike across cultures when you realize you have a parallel proverb in your native language that you have in Kannada too. Kinda opens up your perspectives and gives you a fresh perspective to life.
What’s more each day you learn a Gaade you learn the language beyond Kannada Gothilla or Solpa Adjust Maadi. It is the rich tradition that you inculcate. For example, just look at this blog itself which has only one Gaade and one Title so far. You have learnt – a word for lie/ falseness, two forms which can be used with any word – aadaroo and aagadu, a word for thousands, a word for saying and a word for chief. And you can sometime when a friend states a proverb say “Veda Sullaadaru Gaade Sullagadu”.
Are you game? Well here are two to get you started:
Aalu aagaballavanu Arasa aagaballa” – The one who can become a servant can become a king. This basically says the one who can roll up his sleeves, be humble and do hands on work like a servant is the one who can become a king! You can use it during your appraisal discussions this season ;).
Aalu – Servant, Arasa – King, aagu – Become.gade

and this one is for u people when u get the appraisal  😉  !!!!
Bekku Kannu muchi Haalu Kudidare Jagattige Gottagalva?” – When the Cat drinks milk with its eyes closed, Won’t the world know it? You can use it in some gossip session to act knowledgeable about something you know about!
Bekku – Cat, Kannu – Eyes, Mucchi – Close, Haalu – Milk, Kudi – Drink, Jagattige – For the world, Gottagalva – Won’t know or what !
Hope to see many Gaade aficionados soon!


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