An event that created history – March 5th – The Triumph of KannadaGottilla

One of my friends was explaining about her trek plan to Kumaraparvata.

I said “Girl! it’s the most dangerous and toughest Trek” she said “yes I will know that while trekking” I said “Girl, it’s risky and people might drop out in between. You might have to go alone” she said “yes, not everyone is me! I am not as everyone”. I said “Girl! what are you going to achieve by this” she said “I will reach the peak in short span and prove myself what am I capable of”.

You might be wondering why did this conversation come in.

You will know how tough a “road not taken” is, only when you step on it. You will know who your real team is, when you are inspired and inspiring the set of people. You will know what are you capable of achieving when you see it with your own eyes.

A team started with 3 members in it is now a team with 15 members capable of holding together the crowd of 350 and counting.

A Kannada teaching session in namma BengaLuru can grab attention of 350 heads. This is something we Bangaloreans should be proud of.

March 5th 2017, one another event in Rangoli Art Center near MG road metro station. Uniqueness that defines KannadaGottilla team is the way these events are planned.

Let’s Spread Love, one of the amazing initiative by tech youth of BengaLuru. All they do is to connect houses to the poor. With zero love for money and 100 percent love for mankind. This team had joined hands with the team of KannadaGottilla to make the evening a stunning success.

We had a wonderful interactive teaching by one of the best mentors of KannadaGottilla team, Ranju Krishna. Even a kid couldn’t stop but answer. Not sure if he answers at school as well.

The level of ecstasy is high when you witness success stories. One of our students Sudarrsan recited a poem written about Bangalore’s taste buds beauties. Brahmins coffee bar, vidhyarti Bhavan, tinDi manE anything and everything tasty in BengaLuru was marked by him in his lines in Kannada. He has managed to pick up even rhyming words to make the poem meaningful. Cheers to Sudarrsan Sir.

Hemanth Jois, a synonym for self inspiration, along with with our very own Anup Maiya took over the stage to teach two lines of the venture ‘Last Semester‘ the crowd enjoyed singing along and took home few Kannada words to remember.

Baarisu kannaDa DinDimava reached the two extremes of MG road. The troop included Hemanth Jois, Panini Deraje, Partha Sarathy and Anup Maiya.

Lastly we had Vasu Dixit who enthralled the crowd with vachana sahitya and folk songs. Vasu Dixit, the maker of Swarathma, the minstrel of folk lore, the magician of music raised the zeal of the crowd. The songs included Maneyolage maneyodeya, Raagi tandira, Nadiyolage and a Basavanna’s vachana.

You just can’t sit still without tapping your feet, clapping your hands when this adbhutha shaareera holds his guitar and electrifies with singing. As a person his love for Kannada and passion on music is truly inspiring.

The event ended with a bang. The team and it’s enthusiasm didn’t know that a history was being written. The team didn’t know that they are bringing smiles on thayi kannaDAmbE. The team was just relishing the moment of teaching the language of soul.



Niveditha BS

An Engineer by pprofession teacher by passion. Our mentor & blogger Niveditha is an artist, vivid dreamer and a wild traveler.

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