Chikkamagaluru Trip- The highest point meeting

1On this occasion of the anniversary of our Kannada Gottilla this is a right moment to share the experience of our memorable trip to Chikkamagaluru,
This is a special trip, because it’s a special group with special persons and most of them meteach other personally for the first time. This group name is KANNADA GOTTILLA. We were of total 10 members. Anup maiya, Prashanth, Deena, Nivedita, Shubra, Rohith, Arpith(me) and Sumakka along with her husband Anil Sir and their little daughter Maya. This trip along with enjoyment has another important purpose too, as we wanted to discuss our future plans of our group KANNADA GOTTILLA at the highest point of Karnataka.
Kannada Gottilla?
It is a group which teaches Kannada to the people who wants to learn kannada. It helped around 1000 students to learn kannada 20 volunteers helping students to learn kannada without expecting anything. Anup Maiya is the founder of this group.

Our trip planning is itself a very interesting story!!! which can be told some other time.. We were planning this trip from past 2 months but we finally scheduled it on 10th and 11th of October. Everything was planned by Anup and prashanth. Our plan was to leave Bangalore 7am on 10th and to be back to Bangalore by 9pm on 11th. The places we planned to visit were
First day: Bangalore- Belur- halebeedu- Mullayanagiri- Stay.
Second day: Dattapeeta- Kemmanugundi- Kallathigiri- Bangalore.
4Everyone was ready at 7AM and waiting for our vehicle but there comes our big problem the driverof the vehicle we hired had his personal issues so he started to pick everyone at 8aminstead of 6.00 A.M and by the time we left Bangalore it was already l1am. Everyone started to introduce themselves, Sumakka was the first one to say hello and then Anil sir husband of sumakka, then Prashanth, Nivedita, shubra, deena and Maaya, daughter of Sumakka. As it was a first meeting everyone was eager to know each other but I am being the silent guy throughout the trip I was less interactive. Everyone was in so deep discussion that no one noticed that we already reached to Belur.


5We stayed there for two hours, meanwhile girls started to do their most happiest work Taking SELFIES. We left Belur at 4 and reached chikkamagalur at 4:30 we had lunch. Due to our late schedule we had to cancel our halebidu and postpone Mullayanagiri. Mullayanagiri was a must visit place because that is where we want to do our meeting and discuss our future step. So after having lunch we decided to go to resort which was booked by Anup. On the way we found Buttermilk water falls we enjoyed there and left to resort. Till this time we experienced beauty of nature we saw so many landscapes, we screamed at it. But, after the falls we had a WORST EXPERIENCE and scared to see the one more face of nature. After our enjoyment in falls it was getting dark, so we decided to go back to our resort and told our driver that resort is near dattapeeta,and it is very near to the place from where we stared.



7So we started our journey from falls at 6:30pm… We travelled about 10 km. We saw a board like “forest area, please maintain silence.” So except engine sound we were not hearing anything. Both the side we were covered with forest. Everyone was scared, but that was the best experience we had. After that we travelled about 30km, then we ended up seeing the board kemmannugundi forest area tiger reservoir. Then we came to know that we lost and we are in kemmanugundi forest where we had more chance of animal attack on us and also it was illegal to be there after 6.00PM. Then the only way is to go back on the same route. This is the place where our smart phone came into use.otherwise we had no other option but to spend the night in the forest.Why because the driver we had was a horrible irritating headstrong person who never agreed that he missed any road. To avoid any other confusion and to stop the irritating behavior of the driver, Prashanth searched resort route map with the help of google map and we were hoping to cross the forest safely. While crossing forest we saw two huge Stags, one stag stopped there and started to stare at us. You may think what stag can harm you but if would have attacked and damaged our engine then we had to stay there for whole night exposed to all the animals of forest. Fortunately it didn’t attack us, we crossed it then we saw 2 porcupine and 2 rabbits. Thankfully, they gave us a peaceful send-off. After all these we reached resort at 9:30. We missed all the enjoyment which was fixed in resort. We had our dinner and slept off.
Next day morning we freshen up and vacated resort and left to Dattapeetha. After that we visited galikere, Manikyadara waterfalls. Unfortunately second day plan was also about to washed away by rain. But our firm decisions, to do our meeting on highest point of karnataka made it possible . At the end our firm decision won against rain. we head towards mullayanagiri. When we reached the top of the hill its fully covered with the cloud it’s an awesome experience to be on the cloud. Enjoying the beauty of mullayanagiri we started to discuss our group next steps. After all our discussion we had to leave to Bangalore but no one was ready to leave that place. We clicked few photos and head back to our busy city Bangalore and reached Bangalore @11.30P.M instead of 9.00 as we had planned:

Expense: 3000/ head for 9 members.
Stay: Green Wood resort, I won’t recommend you this place, it’s poorly maintained.
Best time to visit: Winter season.
In this trip the nature filled our lives with a smile during day time and scared us at night. So these experiences we can’t describe, explain and express, you just have to feel it and face it.


Photos & Article: Arpith


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