Dawn of Democracy

“IvanArava ivanindexArava ivanAravanedu enisadirayya.
iva nammava iva nammava, iva nammavanendu enisayya.
kooDala sangamadévA nimma maneya maganendu enisayya.

“Oh god don’t make me ask who this man is,
Instead fill in me the integrity to say he is mine, we are one,
Kudalasangamadeva make us all your son staying under your shelter.”

12th century saw a revolution in Karunadu and Kannada. It’s the period which made people realize that the only streamlined link between God and human is being good and doing good.
At the very mention of 12th century in Kannada literature the picture that strikes our mind is that of Basaveshwara and that of his AnubhavaMantapa. Basaveshwara was a philosopher, social reformer, statesman, Kannada poet, followed by every commoner, a great human who introduced intellectual spirituality and one who looked beyond the horizon of classical literature.
He made the society realize that all are equal in god’s eye irrespective of caste or creed. The ideologies put forth by him clean the society from its ailments and ensures balance in humanity.
Prose written by him and few of his other disciples from Anubhavamantapa are popularly known as Vachanagalu. These short poems of four lines held in it the conscience of a society.
The real gratitude and respects for such a personality is paid when the thoughts are moved on to generations to count.
India has recognized Basaveshwara as one of the pioneers of democracy and his statue was installed in the Indian Parliament in 2002 during the tenure of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. India had also released a coin and a postal stamp as a mark of respect for Basaveshwara and his contribution to Indian society.
Well it’s not just in India. Commendable contribution of Basaveshwara needs a worldwide recognition. His preaching needs to be taken as inspiration by the world irrespective of state or country. Dr. Niraj Patil has taken a step towards it.

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Dr. Niraj Patil, the former Mayor of the London Borough of Lambett and Councillor also the architect behind the statue, has done an appreciable task in putting efforts of introducing the heritage of Karnataka and thereby India. With the consent and approval of Britain’s Secretary of state and culture media and sport, he has erected a statue of Basavanna in London. This not only has paid honors to Basavanna but truly gives an inspiration to the world and future generations. The outside world now knows and turns around to make an exclamation- “Truly magnificent. In the period when the rest of the world was busy evolving and finding a way of living, India and Karnataka had legends leading and guiding the path to humanism and intellectual”.

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The statue was erected at Lambeth, London on the banks of River Thames. It was inaugurated by our Beloved Prime Minister Shri NarendraModi on November 14, 2015. During his visit to London as a view of Globalization, he addressed the crowd speaking few words about Basavanna. He appreciated this social reformer who pioneered the idea of democracy and attempted to eradicate social evils especially caste discrimination.
NarendraModi is working not onlytowards thebettermentof India’s economybut also for its culture,unseen heritage and incredible  knowledge in getting world recognition and respect.We Indians are truly proud to be a partof this change and revolution.Its remarkable that India is now getting noted for its truevalues instead of getting attention through scams and corruptions.All credits to ShriNarendra Modiji and his team.

Dr. Niraj Patil on the other hand,is a cult showing patriotism running in the blood stream of every Indian.

By being  a  successful Mayor abroad,he has brought his homeland pride. Also, installing a statue of a poet and a social reformer  on a foreign imagessoil,deserves Salutes.

mirThe LambethBasaveshwara Foundation, a non-profit organization, has taken up the responsibility of maintenance of the Basaveshwara statue. Basaveshwara’s statue is the first Indian statue approved on the conceptual basis in the vicinity of British Parliament.
Proud to learn that we are in a country with rich heritage. Proud to know that we hold richness not just in terms of gold or article but also in terms of humanity, intelligence, principles and values.

– Niveditha

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