Do you think that we have a great Telecom service in the country ?

I always thought creating awareness helps us to understand a lot of things. I really don’t know why people do not speak up or oppose any wrong things happening :(..I would like to ask you guys a question ‘do you think that we have a great Telecom service in the country’? This is not an advise that I am writing, nor a complaint.. I am not sure about the figures or facts, but this is a thought and question for all of you..

Almost everyone here, use mobile for calling every day. You might have face the issues of call disconnections and call drops. Did you ever think, if this is a good service? no you didn’t. One or two call dropping a day is common. We just do a callback and tell “sala network gandha he.. call disconnect ho gaya tha”.. that’s it.. we forget things after this.. Just think you have 2 call drops a day.. you just say ‘Hello’ and the call drops.. or you are talking something interesting and then the call drops.. You lose the remaining seconds of the call or the call gets disconnected after 5-10 secs and you will wait thinking the phone is hung. So, by this way you spend extra 20 ps per day. If you don’t have the per sec calling charges, and have the per call charges or per minute charges you lose 60 paise per day. Taking average people lose 40 paise/day.

Now 40 paisa is nothing.. we don’t even bother about this.. The story goes on for 365 days and your loss incurred will be Rs 146. keep this aside. Out of 100, every 1 person lose Rs 30/day for the caller tune that has automatically been activated. out of 100 every 2 person might lose rs 15 – 20 for some scrap subscriptions which they have not subscribed for. Now, they call the call center, where they charge 50paisa/3 min. Will do the calculations for all these.

Your mobile service provider has 2 crore customers. 2 cr * rs.146 / year = 292 cr form call drop.
1% of 2 crore would be 1 lakh so take 3 lakh * 365 = 10 cr 95 lakh approx from the caller tunes, and same ways another 10 cr approx from the unwanted subscriptions.
And if 5 L people call the call center and spend 5rs a day (because the issue is never solved within 30 min), then they the total comes into 91 cr approx.
Summing up the amount will be approx 400 crore going to the service provider as an extra income per year and that includes your 40 paisa which you had not bothered to ask.

And ya.. I didnt mentioned about the mobile data service.. lol that’s pathetic.. please calculate the loss yourself.. 😛

Now, this is not my complaint or nor fact figures.. but just a question “Do you think these figures can actually happen”?.. “Do you think we have a great Telecom service?” “If no, why are we not speaking up?” All suggestions, feedback, advise, knowledge are welcome.. 🙂

-Nimma Anup

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