Does changing DP matter?

We often come across a lot of Internet fights! People, sometimes get involved in heated arguments online.


I came across one such debate today. Two people fighting over a Profile Picture on Facebook. One person said “How are you helping the people in Paris by changing your DP?” Fair enough! Let’s just say he’s being practical… It doesn’t help the people!

I’m sure you have all come across such people online. Different questions are being put. Here are a few of them:

“So… Did you fight all terrorists by changing your DPs?”
“Can you bring back the dead by changing your DP?”

Yes, clearly we see a winner in the debate! But, wait…

Here’s a question… How does not doing anything help at all?

Instead of being the winner in the debate… Why can’t the person just let things be…
Why do people try to find sense in everything??? What does he really achieve by being that winner?!

Let’s say… You are in a stadium cheering for your favourite team! We see lot of people with a flag in their hands, waving, with glory! The supporter wants to show his love by wearing the team’s shirt/flag or whatever!

Now, Practically… It is of zero significance on the match! A person wearing a shirt or waving a flag has no impact on the game whatsoever! Isn’t it???

Why don’t people question this non-sense???

A person does something only because he sees a meaning in it! That is perspective! Let him do whatever he wants! Why are we fighting just for a change in DP??? Humans differ, so do their perspectives! If you find it silly.. Let it be! No one’s forcing you to change yours! Why humiliate or make fun of a person who thinks in some other way????

Being a survivor from Paris, the last thing you want to see, is people who can’t even Imagine all that’s happening around you, fighting over change of DPs!!!! Makes absolutely no sense!!!!

My humble request to all the Netizens…
If YOU think that supporting your team with a flag is not necessary… Then, don’t do it!
But, DO NOT make fun of somebody who does!

Let us stay united!

– Sachin

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