Dus bus nahi he

10 bus nahi he..

I always wondered about the Pepsi, thums up, coke and other cool drinks prices shown in the TV ads. They say it is sold out for rs 10 or 30, where in it is completely different in the real world.

Each and every shop I visit have their own prices. some charge Rs 12, and some Rs 13. They say this extra money is for cooling.. what the ? Wont it make sense for the cool drink to be cool within the MRP? why shud I pay extra money for cooling? he just wants to reimburse his electricity bills and his refrigerator cost. There is this ad, where Salman Khan lands up in a highway hotel and gives Rs10 to buy thums up saying DUS BUS HE. After seeing this ad, I went into another hotel within city limits, where he displayed his fingers up when I asked thumps up for Rs 10. Forget about highway hotels, they always have a standard price of rs15 for the drink.

MRP: Maximum Reatil price is the price at timthumb.phpwhich the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell the product. The intention was to help to standardise prices among locations. But I dont see this happening. People are bound to sell below MRP or at MRP but not more than that. It is your right to ask the products within MRP.

MRP at Multiplex: I never understood why the MRP (price on the bottle neck) for a water bottle becomes 30 (printed) when it’s actual price is Rs10 or Rs 15? But still we go to theaters and buy that product whatever the price may be.

Wake up and speak up:

If you are a rich person, and can afford a product more than MRP, please do not pay more. this will effect everyone else. Please start to talk against this evil. Do not pay more than MRP, may be it is a imported shop or a local shop. The shops make profit even if they sell the products below MRP.

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