I recently saw a video on YouTube by NamduK team. They talk about the best Kannada films in 2015. Their choices are: Krishna Leela, Uppi 2, Rangitaranga, Kendasampige, Naanu Avanalla Avalu and Aatagara. They also pick on a very important topic in the video, “the good Kannada movies”. Many a times, I have been part of the conversation about good movies with my friends from other states (Read AP, TN) and I always end up discussing their movies and not even mentioning a Kannada movie.

It is not that there are no good movies in Kannada. It is only that they do not get the recognition they deserve. Namma Cinema naave nodalla is one of the most common statements among Kannadigas. I do not want to digress into the many reasons responsible for that. The movie Lucia created a sensation of sorts with its novel way of making and marketing. I believe that it made people look at Kannada movies with a new confidence. If you are reading blogs on our site, I assume that you are interested in things related to Kannada language. I also assume a lot of non-Kannadiga people visit our site and take a look at our blogs. So, these paragraphs are to primarily target those people.

The main reason I am writing all this random introduction is that I want all of you to see another excellent movie now. A Kannada movie – Kendasampige. Let me make it clear that I am not trying to review the movie here. I liked the movie a lot and I hope many of you would like it too. It is directed by Soori (Duniya Soori). I had seen Duniya and Anna Bond from the same guy and was not convinced by him somehow even though a lot of people rate him very high. But after this movie, I know what they were talking about. The movie tells a story of young couple on the run running away from something they are not responsible for.

The story itself is intriguing enough but what is more attractive is the way it plays out, how even small character has its own part to play in the story. Soori has got the whole cast right and it is very encouraging to see that he does not go with any big stars which would have diluted the seriousness of the movie with the need to satisfy the fans. It is so refreshing to watch a movie without any punch dialogues. And every actor delivers whatever is needed of their role.There is no item song or an unnecessary comedy track. I fortunately happened to meet a director and an actor recently who were telling me how they changed the script of the movie according to the needs of a commercial producer. All this makes the attempt made by the director here more special.

Another major thing that works for the movie is its music. V Harikrishna is the music director and all the four songs are so beautifully composed. Jayant Kaikini and Yograj Bhat come up with a rare combination of four charmingly written songs. Again, there is no dancing on the roads with fifty dancers behind and no going to foreign countries to shoot in front of their multi storied buildings. I was extremely pleased to see the songs not acting as a deterrent to the pace of the movie and being nicely added into the narrative.

We already know the couple are on the road in the movie. It is heartening to see that movie is shot at many places across Karnataka. It is actually a good opportunity to know about places in the state other than Bengaluru. The movie takes you to Chitradurga Fort, B S Channabasappa and Sons in Davanagere and Unkal Lake in Hubli.(I personally have a bone to pick with Soori that he did not even mention Haveri, my hometown which falls on the same road, in the movie).

Okay. One last try to get your attention towards Kendasampige: The movie is called ‘Part II – Ginimari Case’ which is the second installment of a yet to be made movie ‘Part I – Kaage Bangara’!


Kendasampige released in September, 2015 and I know that I am very late at talking about it. It is no more in theatres. But it is available on streaming websites and torrents. Before all the police come in, I am not supporting piracy. I only want you to watch the movie before you forget about it by the time CDs and DVDs come out and I know a lot of you are like me, lazy to buy. Also, I am hoping that the movie would create an impression on you and you will watch the subsequent movies in theatres. Means to an end!

I would put Kendasampige among the best Kannada movies released in last few years along with Lucia and Ulidavaru Kandanthe and mind you, there have been a lot of better movies released in the same period. For the passion, dedication and the love of the team towards the art of making movies, Kendasampige cinema nodi.

Kenda Sampige Trailer:

– Sameer

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