From the world, To the world

Yet another day of giving reasons for being late to office. Traffic. Never an escape from it. Silk Board junction has become a night mare to me. Luckily I manage to grab a seat for myself. In this 1hour of crossing a single signal, there comes several thoughts, ideas, texts and calls.

The best of these are the memories. They bring a smile on face.

On 1st of July I was in bus. Well you might ask me what so special about it. The special about it is the destination and the road taken to the destination. Thinking of this let me take a short nap.

15 days back a friend of mine called me and with an excited tone told me about the organized trekking and hiking. My face blew up with excitement. “Trek to Yana. Stroll at the Om Beach of Gokarna. Join hands to Shiva at Murudeshwar.


We started our journey on Thursday evening not knowing the crowd. Me and my two other friends and the fun awaiting was all that mattered at the moment. Introduction to one another all began. Getting introduced to 44 other infoscions was through fun talks in bus. We reached Yellapur on Friday morning. Our itinerary had Sathodi Falls as the first destination. In no time we were all set to head out to falls and sat in our bus.

Few of them in my team might forget the trip but not forget the driver and his technique of driving the bus in reverse since the road was a narrow one. This ate up 30 minutes of ours. But never mind, our camera held us busy. Individual poses and not to forget selfies flooded on camera. Our destination had a surprise for us. Something which we hadn’t expected. We had to trek to Sathodi Falls and our legendary driver was not needed. This was the best surprise ever received.

Out we started 5km trek to the falls. If I were a person to tell you ‘luckily it didn’t rain‘ then please don’t read my travel blog. We were completely wet before actually reaching the falls. The rain drops filled in more ecstasy. Right from the heart of trees, there came a gush of creamy liquid, calling us towards it. There I sat on the rock with blank thoughts, smile on face, feeling water drizzles over face, alone but peaceful. It’s then I felt, how lucky these rocks are. They meet their mother, get to see her every second. But here I am caught in a race, not even knowing what my mom really likes. None of us were willing to step out of falls. Unfortunately we had to leave. 5km trek back to our bus.
The rest of the day spent in home stay chit chatting, singing, gossiping and laughing.


The next day we were all set for Yana. One of the amazing rock Hill in Karnataka. Leeches invited us on the road to Yana. The Jeep ride to the foots of Yana reminded old movie songs. Our faces were cutting through the fog.


Om beach in Gokarna was our next destination. Since it was late in the evening we pushed it over to the coming early morning. Beach is a reminder to one morality of life. A person is well understood only when you look at him at a closer distance. A sea looks calm, gently pushing water towards you, playing with the letters you scribble on sand, giving you your lost stuffs (if lucky enough) through the waves. Only when you get deeper into it, you will know it’s high current, loud roar and cutting force. I went as far as possible climbing the rocks. Big ones and small. Slippery ones and one that is clean for a grip. Closer view towards her. She looked beautiful. Which ever directions our eyes could cover, she waved and said hi. She hugged me every now and then. Irreplaceable moment. Inexpressible in words. The excitement in me said jump closer to her, the non swimmer in me said you have your mother waiting at home. What so ever it was fun strolling on the seashore. Recollected all child hood stories that had the protagonist collect pearls, shells from the shore, so hence and so forth.

No food no water no shower nothing needed. Make me a travel guide, my life story will end as ‘she lived happily ever after

IMG_1462 IMG_1483

Mirzan Fort which is lately converted to photo shooting spot, is one of the most enchanting one.


Murudeshwar, our final destination. The view of the serene Shiva idol from 18th floor is what no one should miss in Murudeshwar. Shiva sits there giving assurance that ‘kid I am here for you‘. After the Darshana not to forget the beach view restaurant. Yummy poori and Dosa. Beach view was feat to eyes as well. Tongue said order some more. Stomach said enough is enough. However the tongue won.


With heavy heart boarded the bus to reach home – Bangalore. Most saddening part of any trip. This was journey from world that confines me to routine to the world that earth has actually gifted us with.

Well where am I now. Great. Still stuck in Silk board signal. Let me rest on seat and rehearse today’s dialog to be told to the Manager.

– Niveditha BS

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