GaadeygaLu-welcome to the treasure world of Kannada Language

Veda  suLLadaru Gadey  suLLagadu

If a person is well versed in a language he/she usually know many of these…which make his vocubalary rich and take his/her speaking talent to a new level making it more and more and interesting .These when used gives a new dimension to our speech. So what is it? what am I talking about?

Yes I am talking about Gadey / gadeygaLu in Kannada, Mohavara in Hindi, Saameta in Telugu,mahaN/mhaNi  inMarathi, pazhamozhi in Tamil, Proverb in English….and so on and so forth.  Each and every language in this world has proverbs in their store. These proverbs are not only the  treasures of the language but also the cream of knowledge of our ancestors. These heritage of our languages should be passed on to our next generation to make their language beautiful and to be a lamp post when they are  lost in any trouble.

These proverbs can always replace hundred words by single sentence. There is a proverb in Kannada to prove that point too

Hattu katto kade ondu Muttu kaTTu. (meaning instead of 10 useless word use one word which is like a pearl.)

So when we the team Kannada gottilla are teaching people to speak Kannada we thought its also our duty to introduce our gadeygaLu to the language enthusiast so here onwards me and my co-mentors will try to explain you all the meaning and usage of these Proverbs. So fasten your seat belts, pick up your reading glasses(if you need one) and be ready for a tour in gaadeygaLa prapancha (world of Proverbs)

Kannada as a language have many specialties,  apart from being a classical language this is one of the few oldest living languages in India. Kannada has its own script to write and can be written as it is spoken. Along with these there is something  else  i.e.  we have  gaadeya  mahtvada bagge gadey (a proverb to explain the importance of the Proverbs) here it is ….

Veda  suLLadaru Gadey  suLLagadu:

( hymn (veda) can go false but a never a proverb)

How wonderful!!! yes our ancestors were much more learned and were much more visionaries than we are they knew that the words which came out of experiences give much more strength than Vedas.

We all know that Vedas were not written by any poet/ learned men but believed to be received directly from the  God. These teaches us the ways to lead our daily in other words they are the way of life followed in earlier days. There is a rare chances of  it going wrong, but still it may be interpreted in varied ways and can be proved wrong. But in case of proverbs this is not possible at all because it not only come out of experience but also have a direct meaning and interpretation which cannot be altered or played with so our ancestors declared,

Veda  suLLadaru Gadey  suLLagadu.

This is usually used when we want to upheld the meaning or the relevance of  a gaadey used in any situation.

So ..You are rich by one gaadey today. If you are new to Kannada. If  you are  Kannadiga I hope I refreshed your memory….:-)


Keep visiting this place to learn more and more gaadeygaLu



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