Gaali De Do.. Paise Le Lo.. The Gaali Store..

‘I am planning to do a podcast just to entertain people with abusive language.. it will be fun and will earn lot and lots of money’ says my friend.. ‘I can talk abusive language, put some heavy beats in the background and some trance music (downloaded) and sell it as a rap song to earn money. I drive a Benz now’ says one of rich person (self-proclaimed rapper/singer) in the country. ‘I do TV shows and you tube shows to sell abusive words’ says a some random guy in the country.

They are all earning great fame and name.. nothing against them. They are really talented to get such a fame. But, the question is why are we so keen to hear abusive language? We see 2 people fighting in the streets, we enjoy it.. we enjoy the youtube video where a bunch of girls are fighting using abusive languages (yes.. some video did go viral in the website)..

Now, I am not saying not to use abusive language or don’t hear them.. but do we really care about some good things happening around? Will the kids be affected by this? Is the youth of the country just waiting to hear and use abusive words? Is money making so easy in the country? Will anyone open a “gaali store” in future? give 1 dollar and listen to new gaalis in the Market ..

Dont you think we can concentrate on something else as well? do some good stuff in society? Dont you think we are already attracted to the western culture? do we need a reverse lookup?

I am not sure.. you guys think over it.

-Nimma Anup

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