Harive soppina palya

HariveHarive soppina PALYA
Harive Soppu is called as Amarnath leaves
always these kind of vegetables which comes under leaf variety are good for health .
it gives more diet value for your food. and also it is tasty if its prepared spicy .

let me clear it

Things Needed :
Harve soppu : 2 bundles.
Green chilly: 1

onions :1 (nicely chopped into slices for extra flavor)
Red chilly : 2 to 3
Mustard seeds : 1 Tea spoon. https://lovehub.ch.
moong dal -1/4 spoon (good for health )
Oil : 2 Table spoons.
Turmeric : a pinch.
Curry leaves : 4
Urd daal: 1 Tea spoon.
Salt : to taste.
Method :
Wash and cut Have soppu in to small pieces. Cut green chilly.
Keep a pan on the fire and heat. Put oil , 1/2 tea spoon of mustard seeds, 1/2 spoon of urd daal and moong dal . Let the mustard seeds spurt. Add green chilly and curry leaves. Add chopped harive soppu . mix it well  and add water after sometime
Add salt and turmeric to it . 

Note :  adding  Jaggery , will give the real taste to this

By Rakesh Maiya,

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