Indian world cup captain gets traffic fine?

Indian Captain Dhoni had to pay a traffic fine of Rs500 at Ranchi.

Well, this suggests Ranchi has good traffic policemen, and more than that Dhoni has not made a issue of this.. Yes, he paid the fine (simplicity).


He was riding a vintage bullet, BSA Gold Star DBD 34 (MHP-6518), that had the registration number on a vertical plate, attached to the bike’s mudguard, which is

forbidden under section 122/179 of Motor Vehicle Act (MVI).

According to the Times of India, Traffic SP Kartik said, “The photo of the vehicle (published in newspapers) was brought to my notice. It violated rules related to display of numberplate. We had sent the chalan to his house and Dhoni’s family paid the fine and said he violated the rules due to ignorance.”

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