Janta maaf nahi karegi

Me aur politics? Janta kahegi ‘sala ye paise kamane aaya he’..

It all happened due to some random folks, who wanted to make money, more money, more and more money.. and also get into the fame of riding the throne.. fame of bossing.. fame of crossing limits.. We all believed that he would do something.. he appeared like a Mango people.. people supported him, people gave him money.. so that he can someday help people back.. But.. did it go all in Vain?? I dont know what happened, but just didnt see any results.. not even a small result (where crores and crores of money were given in support).

Now, If I try to do some service without charges, I get questions.. Roksa. Welcome to the country.. Yes.. I have been asked by many of my friends about me doing free Kannada classes to more than 200 people.. The question was “Y would someone do like this”? “Y would someone not create a business model out of this?”.. Answer is simple as “NOT EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD IS MONEY DEPENDENT”..

I am worried about many people who genuinely want to enter the politics and work for betterment (with a well-paid salary from the government).. Yes.. we need to pay them right.. that is important.. but.. due to some “beep” Beep.. no one is going to get a chance to come up from the ground level..

Janta maaf nahi karegi..

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