June 27, 2016 – A ROYAL DAY that will forever be etched in my MEMORY

It was Mysuru’s marriage of the early 21st century; a special event in the family that held the reigns of Mysuru state for nearly half a millennium; an event that cannot be brushed aside even at a time when democracy is ruling the roost. The event attracted the attention of not just the state, but even the nation. All news channels and papers carried the news with a lot of brouhaha.
Keeping the size of the wedding hall located inside the palace in mind, only a few hundreds of invitations had been extended by the palace. The privileged, with their faces radiantly beaming with pride and joy, and most of them resplendent in traditional white long coats, Mysore petas and the traditional vallis, entered the wedding hall and occupied the coveted seats.shubha 3

     Ready to attend royal wedding at Mysore Aramane

Some wore long black coats and lounge suits, other approved dress codes for the event.
Excitement and fervor pervaded the entire hall. The bride and the groom, the cynosure of all eyes, looked splendid in their traditional attire. The ceremonies were conducted with an unprecedented grandeur. By around 10.15 am, the wedding was solemnized and Yaduveer, the groom, had tied the nuptial knot and Trishika, a Rajput lady with unmatched grace and elegance, became the new queen of Mysuru.

The luncheon had a delicious spread befitting the Mysore Royal family. The arrangement was immaculate and none of the guests was disappointed. Traditional South Indian dishes dominated the menu, save for the mouth watering Kashi Halva.
‘Urutane in Uyyale’ was the main programme in the evening. The newly-wed couple sat in a flower-decked swing and played with a flower ball, a unique tradition of the Mysore royal family. royal wed

The arrangement was exceptionally beautiful. I guess, none of the invitees, including myself and my family, had experienced such a wonderful evening. It seemed the whole of Mysore palace had come to life after a long time. Faces of all guests shone with happiness. In the background, globetrotting violinist duo Mysuru Manjunath and Mysuru Nagaraj gave a melodious and mesmerizing performance with a new Raga, specially invented by them for the occasion. shuha mys bro

Author with Mysore Brothers, The violin duo

Chief Minister of Karnataka, political luminaries cutting across party lines, many cabinet ministers of the state and other dignitaries graced the occasion. The evening dinner was sumptuous and not an item was repeated. Crispy dosas and delicious chiroti dominated the menu.
It was truly a ROYAL evening, eminently cherish able and wonderfully unforgettable


ShubhaShubha Urs. M.V 

About the Author-   Shubha is a proud Mysorean living in Bangalore, a theater person, wonderful mime artist,  above all a loving mother who lovingly shared her first hand experience @royal wedding

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