Kannad alla Kannada -Banni Kaliyona Preethiyinda

It’s already been one month that we invited u all for our meet with love…. Preethiyinda. This saga continues this month also…
For us who teach Kannada first challenge to face is to make people understand that, our language is called “KANNADA” not “KANNAD”. This is especially with people from Hindi speaking belt. 🙂

So apart from our WhatsApp classes we decided on this live classes at Rangoli Metro Art Center. People accepted our invites with love and came to attend and meet us live!!! Our last meet was on June 5th that was World Environmental Day, that we are soo blessed that even the Varuna Deva (Rain God) marked his presence and attended our meet. Yes it rained on that day, but it didn’t the enthusiasm of the people attending the meet. Many people came sat in the rain and learnt NUMBERS in KANNADA, by one of our mentors Ranju Krishna, along with music to accompany and entertain us.

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Isn’t this exciting???? Do u want to feel this and learn Kannada??? Come join us to know the beauty of our beloved language, how easy it is to learn. If u learn and say KANNADA instead of KANNAD how differently people treat u. Yes u will be treated with more Love and affection by the Kanndigas if u make an attempt to learn and speak Kannada…

So What are u waiting for?? when u have a golden opportunity to learn Kannada absolutely free, come join us at Metro on 3rd of July. This time it will be a new concept, new things to learn and will be a new excitement to feel

Mark u r calendars and attend Namma Nimma KG Meet.


Suma R

Mentor at Kannadagottilla.com, works for an NGO, loves to read and  listen to Music.

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