KG’s 2nd Birthday

2 full years… Yes we the team KG (KannadaGottilla) are celebrating our birthday  since one month. Yeah since one month because since one month we are applauded, encouraged written about by all types of media. Fellow admins wrote about us on Facebook, Radio city awarded us with Hemmeya Kannadiga Award, Public TV, TV9, Suvarna News, News9 channels reported our activity. Vishwa Vani mentioned about us and recently Vijaya Vani published article about us. So now you know why we are celebrating since one month☺.

When we look back.. This year 2016 was a wonderful year for team KG. We crossed 4,000 students on our list. As our mentor Meghana mentioned in her blog Be the change you want to see in the society 

Anup Maiya conceived this idea of teaching Kannada through WhatsApp Mobile Application.

And all our team members who were totally strangers to each other even to Anup and Rakesh joined them in their venture hoping to bring little change in the status of Kannada and Kannadiga in Karnataka. We all just believed that this concept will work though we knew we are doing something unique, we least expected that people will even approve our work.

But these stalwarts of Kannada literature and art and  us to understand  the impact and importance  of our job.  Sri Chandrashekhara Kambara sir (Jnanapheeta awardee), Sri Narahalli Balasubramanya sir (Kannada critic),  Sri Raghu Dixit (famous singer, music director).  And many more from the Kannada film industry.

How blessed we all are to be praised by these stalwarts.

Team KG is forever great full for these people.

Along with these people we are very much thankful to our family members. Sometimes it becomes cliched to thank them but they are the ones who deserve to be thanked because they supported our somewhat weird idea and encouraged us to move ahead in our chosen path. None of us were discouraged our work, rather they were the supporting pillars,  be it be our parents, siblings, cousins or spouses they stood behind us applauded our efforts and felt proud on our achievements. We are so so blessed to have them as our family.

With all these support and blessings we completed two years.

Our celebrations culminated with an  event at Rangoli Metro Art Centre MG road on 4th December.  It was our 12th live class too.

bmrclMetro (BMRCL/Namma Metro) being the greatest support  for our activity,  its chief Sri Vasanth Rao was one of our guests, who thanked KG team and Anup for bringing Kannada into metro.

English, Hindi mathra idda metronalli Kannada keLisuvanthe madida nimage namma dhanyavada was his words.

What more can  we expect?? It was a feeling  proud moment for team KG.


The other guest was the new sensation of Kannada film industry Rakshith Shetty aka Ricchi of sandalwood. Who not only sat through  the event but also went live on fb and recommended  us to his followers ☺ it was a feeling happy  moment for all of us.

The real energy of the event were the team LOLbagh (First Kannada Stand Up Comedy Team). They not only entertained us with  their improv comedy but also taught few kannada words and sentences to the audience. And the event concluded with few nice Kannada songs which again used to teach Kannada words since our teaching concept for live classes is learn with music. The whole event was electrifyingly hosted by our beloved mentor Niveditha ☺


So with all these we some what ended our celebrations but our journey continues…. Now with more responsibilities and more support we are harnessing ourselves to achieve much more in the future.

We the team KG never expected anything from the society but we got soo much love and support. This makes me believe  much more in the words of Bhagavadgita.

Karmanye vadhikarasthe ma phaleshu kadachana.

Yes lord Krishna has given us the fruit of our karma and now.

Its our turn to continue our good deeds again without any expectations. I know my team members they all support this thought and I am confident enough that next year we will be celebrating  in much more bigger way..

Enantheera team KG?? 😀


Suma.  R

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