Know our mentors- Aparna Rao Kuthyadi

Once again welcome everyone for this wonderful journey where we are trying to know our KannadaGottilla team. In each blog I am trying to introduce all  of you with our wonderful mentors who are the strength of this team. Some work behind the scenes many work directly with our students. Some are involved indirectly with our team but play an important role in our growth as a strong Kannada crusaders.  The one whom I am going to introduce in this write up is one of those who are indirectly involved in all our activities, Aparna Rao Kuthyadi- One of our oldest mentor rather I should say one of the foundation stones of our venture  she has been one of the wonderful member active member during the initial days of  kannadagottilla recalls Anup our founder.  She is one of the people who supported Anup to  implement the idea of teaching Kannada through whatsapp conceived by him. She was also teaching students in the initial days of Kannada gottilla.

Aparna  is a woman who is Beauty with brains says our mentor Niveditha Know our mentors- Niveditha B.S It sounds clichéd but I too second this as it is the truth. If u meet Aparna this is what first comes to your mind. A multi talented ,multi faceted girl. Who is a classical dancer, a singer, a theater personality above all she is a  Journalist in electronic media. You all might have seen her on  Suddi T.V a Kannada news channel, presenting news and hosting a talk show called Akahada.

Above all these, she is a true Kannadathi who is really passionate about the language and works for the, language unlike Facebook activists she works more talks less points out Anup our founder, and our mentor Arpith Know our mentors- Arpith Kumar C.P  is amused by this   dynamic lady who is passionate about her work, who chose a different carrier than her educational qualification and built up her carrier.

This girl is so friendly that she breaks the ice in first meeting and makes you comfortable to converse with her,a down to earth person who encourages and supports the newcomers points out Niveditha.

Aparna is fan of Mohanlal  (Malayalam actor) along with Dr.Rajkumar (Kannada actor)  points out Deena our mentor Know our mentors- Deena Sheshappa Mysooru. This shows that she has no prejudices when it comes to appreciate the talent and arts.

Though she is not an active member of the group, Aparna is always a phone call away for any kannada gottilla events. She makes it a point to attend the events at least for half an hour despite of her busy schedule. If needed she would be seen performing other roles such as hosting the event.  Aparna also promotes Kannada gottilla in other possible manners. She make sure that KannadaGottilla team gets  a representation in her T.V shows whenever  Kannada and Kannadigas are discussed.

Aparna, We team gottilla is thankful to you for your unconditional support and motivation. We are also grateful that because of people like you this concept is implemented and  now we are proud to say that our student count is 5000+ and still counting. For any building foundation is important and we are lucky to get a foundation stones like you for our venture. Once again thank u so much for being there for us like a supporting pillar. We wish all the success in your ventures both in carrier and personal life. Let your hard work bring more and more good results and let Kannada media world get a wonderful daring  journalist  with principles who will upheld the dignity of Kannada and Kannadigas.


Suma .R

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