Know Our Mentors – Arpith Kumar

Namaskara!! Its  already two weeks since you all were got introduced  to our mentor Niveditha. Now its time to introduce you all our another beloved mentor Arpith Kumar.

A mechanical Engineer by profession this multi talented guy is the backbone of Kannada Gottilla team says our founder Anup.  Yes he is right Arpith is the right hand of Anup and backbone of our Kannada Gottilla system. He is the next person after Anup who is well aware of how things work in Kannada Gottilla.

A silent sisya(slang for friend) with very good leadership skills Arpith is  joy to be with  describes Rohith  our mentor. Yes he is silent until he get along with you, once he is comfortable with you the fun you will have with him is something unexplained says Rohith. Arpith = optimism points out Niveditha. Yes he can search for a positive thing in any awkward situation and can make things better:-).  His leadership skills are too good and he motivates people to get the things done. Not a hard worker but very smart in completing tasks adds Niveditha.  I  second this statement.  He is very smart in solving problems also. Arpith= creativity  says Jagath our mentor.

He is a keen observer, try to understand a person inside out with whom he is interacting. He  will know the strengths and weaknesses of that person and will utilize their ability to complete a group task. That’s why he is successfully taking the team ahead in the absence of Anup.

Arpith  means kelasa jasthi mathu kammi (more work less talk) is the statement of Deena our mentor. I completely agree with this. He silently discharges all his duties without cribbing because he hates cribbing.

Arpith’s main contribution to the team is, he handles all registrations of students and creates groups for the learning. As you all know Kannada gottilla team teaches Kannada through what’s app groups. Creating these groups is a tedious and a very difficult job. We have to sort the names and numbers and then have to create the groups. We face many challenges like deciding the sex of the name received (we have separate groups for men and women), we have to have proper numbers so on and so forth. He with his skills successfully creates groups and assign them to the mentors. Believe me its not at all easy as it looks. That’s why I feel he is a backbone and back up data for our team:-).

He also have some beautiful creative ideas to teach the students. He creates videos, creates skits on the current affairs, explains about planets and stars.

Oh! yeah as this subject of planets and stars came up I should mention that this guy has a very rare hobby of astrophysics. he loves that subject!! he loves observing stars and talking to them.!!!That’s why he always hates city life. As he cannot watch stars in the city  because of light pollution in the city.He also volunteers to create awareness about Environmental pollution.

Coming to his other hobby,  Photography.He is a very good Photographer. Though he captures all of us beautifully,  he loves nature photography especially birds. He is my guru in this,  he also have taught me the basics of photography which made my Europe trip memorable.

He loves travelling but afraid of heights. To conquer this fear he tries all possible adventures including flying an Aeroplane!! :-). And he did that successfully.

This guy hates routine life of eat, work, sleep and repeat. He always wants to achieve something extraordinary in his life he has lots of plans to do in his life but only thing he is afraid of is what if  the work is left unfinished, points out both Niveditha and Rohith.

As Robert frost said  “I have miles to go before I sleep” this guy has many things to achieve in his life.I am sure he will leave a mark behind.

We the team Kannada gottilla is happy and blessed to have this boy around. We all wish goodluck to Arpith to achieve his goals and fulfill his dreams!!

– Suma

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