Know Our Mentors – Deena Sheshappa Mysooru

“Sunshine mixed with little hurricane”, a passionate kannadathi, who loves her roots and culture, very  unique teacher. You may be wondering about whom I am talking or you might have already  guessed about whom I am talking 🙂 . Yes I am talking about  our Deena  aka Deenz, one of our oldest mentors.

People who follow us know her very well they might have wondering that why Deena has not appeared in this series? here is the answer “People who are late are latest”.

Deena /Deenz is most popular mentor of or Kannada gottilla team. Her unique way of interactive teaching makes people learn the language fast and she keeps finding new ways to teach says our founder Anup. This is statement is second by our students too. According to one of our oldest student Suparna, her passion towards Kannada and  innovative techniques   enthusases and motivates the students to learn the language with ease. Deena uses an unique technique to teach pronunciation of  Kannada words to Students which I love and now following in my teaching.

She breaks the words so beautifully that we don’t need any other support to get the pronunciation right. If she has to tell  “” meaning buy  it will be.

Our another student Savitha gave her the title” Sunshine mixed with little hurricane”. which is self explanatory. She is a go getter for Kannada. The way she joined Kannada gottilla group also supports the statement that she is a go getter for Kannada. She after watching an interview of  Anup on one of the news channel searched the whole net to know about the  group and messaged Anup to include her in the group. this explains her passion. Since then she has an indispensable bond with Kannada gottila team.

A dynamic straight forward lady with no nonsense attached is the opinion of   Prashanth our other mentor. (….) .According to Arpith (….) and  Niveditha (…) she is super friendly and builds up a  very good rapport with the people she meets. I  too second that. Sheis never a stingy to spot a positive thing in you and praising it whole heartedly.

  A vivid dreamer and a romantic person with a beautiful handwriting I should say. Her pictures and posts on Face book is a proof  to this fact.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention   she is a face book savvy!!.  Though she uses all the technologies, she loves to write. I mean she still has the habit of  writing good things with her hands!!! yes one who has such a beautiful handwriting has all the rights to cherish that.:-) right.

With all these things she has another quality which we rarely get to see in today’s generation. Her favorite stress buster is helping her mom in household chores like washing clothes and vessels and other household stuff which exhibits her nature of taking and sharing responsibilities. She also enjoys cooking and loves to cook for her friends.

Deena is synonymous with positivity and carries nothing in her heart points out Niveditha. Yes her positive approach always inspires and motivates people around her. She spreads only smile and love in her atmosphere. She is a kind of person who can explain a negative situation in a positive way!!

Deena  we the team of Kannada gottilla is happy and proud to have a person like you who loves and respects her mother tongue with lots of  passion. We all wish you a very successful future ahead. Keep inspiring us and keep motivating our students just like the way you are doing now.

– Suma

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