Know our Mentors- Dr. Gopi Ambikapathi

Quiet, silent, observant.   Yes these are the words which very well explains the person whom I am going to introduce to you, our mentor Dr. Gopi Ambikapathi.  There are  two types of silent people one who is really quiet and silent and other who looks silent  but in reality a chatter box. Our mentor Gopi falls in the first category. He is  a real silent guy among us who are chatter boxes.  🙂  He is so silent that he rarely appears in the mentors WhatsApp group.

But when it comes to work he is very  creative  and intelligent and comes up with innovative ideas to teach the students and to attract public  points out Anup our founder. Yes Being a Neuron scientist he  well knows how to appeal the brain in terms of teaching says  Ranju ( Know Our Mentors- Ranju Krishna) our other mentor and his colleague at Dharma life sciences.

Gopi is very popular among his students at Kannada gottilla too. Very patient  and helpful who  will clear the doubts even if it is repeated ones says one of our student Padma. He uses different innovative methods to teach students one of which is using advertisements and songs. which is appealing to the students. He plans strategically  which brings results in long run unanimously says Arpith( Know our mentors- Arpith Kumar C.P) and Shrinidhi( Know our mentors- Shrinidhi  ) our other mentors, it may be to attract audience or to enhance the reach of  KannadaGottilla to public.

We should appreciate the love of this boy towards Kannada, because his mother tongue is Marathi. But he is a die hard fan of old Kannada movies and Kannada songs reveals Ranju. This cricket loving boy is also very fond of non veg food says Ranju.

He is a silent but strong pillar during the events of Kannada Gottilla. He works towards all the back stage preparations with the team. Taking necessary permissions, handling the crowd, and managing other logistics.  He also comes up with good ideas to improve our website and supports the technical aspects.

Though his mother tongue is Marathi his command on Kannada is very good, he will make all possible efforts to withhold the pride of Kannada. Though he is a Neuro Scientist by profession, he enjoys teaching very much. This down  earth person teaches   science concepts with simple day to day examples and he applies this technique to teach Kannada as well.

In this era where everyone is engrossed by the social media this guy stands apart he don’t have any social media account!!!

We the team of Kannada Gottilla is very proud to have this intelligent ( he is a P.hd scholar) silent, down to earth guy among us. We all wish him a very successful future. Thank you Gopi for being one among us and making our journey more fruitful.



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