Know Our Mentors – Niveditha B S

Chappale…. Nanu  bandu mathu shuru madidda mele ellaru chappale hoditha irbeku… Keep clapping your hands Ladies and gentlemen…

Yes… Those who have attended our Kannada gottilla Monthly Live classes at M.G Road are familiar with these words and the smiling face which keep uttering these words…

Niveditha, Yes  This time I am going to introduce you all this bubbly, happy, talented and above all a passionate teacher Niveditha.

Niveditha is the most popular mentor among all of us, best of the best talented, hard working and most importantly selfless girl says our founder Anup Maiya. I whole heartedly second his words. Niveditha is doubtlessly all of these. She is the most matured and level headed girl I met in recent times who is addicted to teaching and traveling, despite being a B.E graduate. In this period of time where we see lot of youngsters indulging in various addiction this girl is unique with her addiction.Yeh apne tharah ki ek hi piece hai 🙂 (she is the only one of her kind)

This girl connects to people so very well, it may be her students, her audience, her friends she just touches everyone like a cool breeze and leave behind a mark.  Niveditha alone  is equal to a gang of friends says her friend and coleague at Infosys technology  our Mentor Rohith (  She is that kind of a person with whom you can share all your emotions and she would happily listen and give a good advice if neccessary says Rohith. I second this one too :-).  But she opens up very slowly only if she is comfortable  says Shrinidhi ( our other mentor. Arpith our other mentor points out her boldness and frankness. according to him she frankly and clearly conveys her point of view and also the mistakes of others without any hesitation keeping herself calm and cool.She never back bites!!!!

Coming to her contributions to Kannada gottilla… she is like a saying in Kannada  “hattu kaTTo kade ondu Muttu kaTTu”   (meaning instead  of 10 unnecessary things keep one precious pearl) yes she is precious to our team because there is  no one section of Kannada gottilla which doesn’t have her contribution. Whether it is  forming lessons, writing blogs, compeering in live show, teaching i live classes each and every section has her contribution for sure.

I still remember the day when she hesitatingly asked me  ‘Akka nanu blog baribahuda?’  (Sis can I also write blogs?) I was more than happy to say yes but she was really hesitant. But Now when I look back I really feel happy that I said yes to her because she gave us so beautiful blogs on different subjects. and still continuing her contribution.(, these are examples of her blog.

Coming to hosting and teaching the event she speaks as if she is a born host and a teacher. So daring so accurate, so beautiful inspiring many of us. Says Arpith. Arpith says that she is his inspiration to win over his stage fear. With her words and action she inspired him so much that once a shy guy is now ready to take up on stage. She is such an inspiration.

A Kannada song  by Dr. Rajkumar  Kannada matinee idol  ” halalladru haku neeralladaru haku Raghavendra , halalli keneyyagi neeralli meenagi hayagiruve Raghavendra” which roughly translates to

( you put me either in milk or in water oh Lord, I will happily live in milk as cream and as fish in water)

explains the most important character of  this die hard fan of Rajkumar “adaptability”  yes she adopts to each and every situation so well and effortlessly without any complaints!! just like water taking the shape of the container.  I have never seen her complaining about anything in her life. This is very hard to found, because of this nature she has lots and lots of friends says Rohith. This girl is one whom you can rely upon for anything.

There is so much to write about this girl, but making long story short  I will sum up this beautiful girl with more beautiful soul with her one more beautiful character. She clears her plate of food so neat without ranting about taste, quality. People tease her for this but for me this is the greatest virtue in any human being. She respects her food so much that she never dishonors her food. The person who knows to respect his food, definitely knows to respect each and every relationship in her/his life says a character in the book called “5 paise varadakshine” by Vasudhendra, and this is absoultely true in  the case of Niveditha.

Niveditha  the heart and heart throb of team Kannada gottilla is a beautiful , hardworking multi talented human being ,a treasure to cherish and a treat to be with.

Niveditha We the team Kannada gottilla is blessed to have you around and we wish you all the success and happiness in your life always. we know you can carry out any responsibilities in your life.

– Suma

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