Know our Mentors- Prashanth Ekbote

A fellow Capricorn,  first person from the KannadaGottilla team  to connect with me, the first person whom  I met from the KannadaGottilla team, Prashanth Ekbote, yes you are rightI am going to introduce you all our another  mentor Prashanth Ekbote.

ANthamma (a slang for brother in Kannada) of KannadaGottilla team, Prashu, Prashanth, Ekbote. A true Kannadiga by heart. YES he is a Kannadiga by heart why?? because his mother tongue is Marathi and he resides in a locality of  Bengaluru where Kannada is raely heard, but still he loves and lives Kannada.

There is a saying in samskrutha  “Vajradapi khatoraNi mruduni kusumadapi” means a person who is as hard as Diamond and as soft as a flower. This usually used to describe a person who looks tough from outside but very soft from the heart. This exactly describes  Prashanth. He is a macho man by looks but has a very kind heart says Anup our founder.  This we can sense when he talks about his Mother. A mama’s boy as he himself describes. 🙂 He not only loves his mother dearly but also loves and trusts his friends very dearly says our another mentor Rohith. This is very true because he is one of Anup’s friend who stood  by him to support  his adventure KannadaGottilla. He not only supported him but also joined his hands to teach Kannada. He is one of our oldest Mentors.

If  we can count Ranju for any internal emergencies in KannadaGottilla we can count Prashanth as a public relations person  for KannadaGottilla. He is the one who can control and interact with the mobs I can say. Prashanth is always ready for KannadaGottilla. He was always on call for KannadaGottilla, he attended our anniversary with his wife just after two days of his Marriage  :-). That is his dedication towards the team.

He along with Ranju and others lead the team during the Cycle jatha organised by KannadaGottilla team.He is the next best person after Anup  to know about  the history of KannadaGottilla. He also teaches live in our monthly sessions of KannadaGottilla at Rangoli Metro Art Center.

A software engineer by profession he works for MindTree, so with his efforts our KannadaGottilla posters are now the part of  MindTree cabs.

A die hard Cricketer and biker, and a foodie who loves to feed people even at the  wee hours, describes  Anup.  Prashanth is very religious person who never misses his prayers says Arpith our other mentor 🙂   on the whole he is a kind of person whom a girl would be happy and proud  to have as a brother/husband. He is so protective towards the girls in our group. He always make sure about the safety of the girls in the group..

Prashanth is an inspiration  to all those who are learning Kannada. He is an example to show that it is not that your necessity  but your love towards the language which drives you to learn , practice and get identified with the language. Kannada and KannadaGottilla is blessed to have these people among us. Not only Prashanth but also his wife Divya  is a wonderful  support  for the KannadaGottilla team.

Prashanth and Divya we the KannadaGottilla team thankful to u both…

We wish all the success and happiness to u both…and yes to your little princess who is the future of KannadaGottilla.

KannadaGottilla team is proud to have you in the team Prashanth….

If  you want to meet this wonderful person…please don’t forget to attend our live classes at M.G Road Rangoli Metro Art Centre which is on every first Sunday of the month.


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