Know Our Mentors – Ranju Krishna

Yes!!! I am back. I am back with one more introduction. This time it is “Ranju Krishna”.

Ranju  to all, Ranjakka, kannadagottilla group.

This girl  is a psychologist by profession but a true Kanndathi by passion. Dynamic, Energtc, dedicated, hard working with lots of new ideas, this is how Anup Maiya our founder describes Ranju. Yes that’s exactly how she is. She is one of  the most confident, matured girl with clear thoughts I have met in recent times. She has lots n lots of  interests and hobbies. She loves hiking, reading, she also drives Bullet. Yes she is that daring and dashing says our other mentor and her colleague at Dharma life sciences  Gopi.

There is a proverb in Kannada ‘aadu muttada soppilla’  this is used in reference to those persons who has interests in almost all aspects of life or who can be a referral person for any  subject. Ranju belongs to this category of persons, says Gopi. He also says that she is called as Google at office. 🙂

We are proud to say that this dynamic girl is one of our mentor. Ranju joined Kannada gottilla out of her passion and love towards Kannada. She was brought to KG team because of a play. Yeah she saw a notification at RangaShankara about KG, while she went to attend a play there. She called Anup and joined KG. Thus began her journey along with KG team.

All our students know that we follow some specific type of script while  sending the lessons and answering the queries, the person behind standardizing the script for the kg team. She stream lined the lessons trained our other mentors to use the uniform script.  She stood like a strong pillar of support while KG was at its evolving stage recalls Anup.

She is a natural leader, she supported all the KG events with her leadership skills. But her true leadership quality showed up when KG team organised a cycle Jatha to create awareness about speaking Kannada in Bangalore. She took whole responsibility on her shoulder to run this show as a tragedy struck on Anup’s family and he was unavailable for the event. She successfully spearheaded the team and the jaatha was succeesful.

Ranju  is the first person on call to attend any emergency situation in the team being a psychologist she handles the situation both professionally and personally. She is a subject expert upon whom we can rely on.

Along with KG she also teaches Kannada  to non-kannadigas at her office. She tries to spread the essence of this language as much as possible in all walks of life.

There are lots of things to talk about Ranju.. but this statement of Sushmita sen will sum up whole Ranju for us “I don’t know need a man in my life to buy Diamonds for me I can buy my own” this line for  show cases the confidence of a woman to face any challenges in her life  this how Ranju is …Confident, caring, daring, and supportive.

And we are lucky to have this girl in our team…

A true Kannadathi who love her language, profession and people around her dearly..

I wish many many success in her life… Thank u Ranju for being there..

If u want meet this Dynamic girl  don’t forget to attend our Monthly live classes at Rangoli Metro art centre.

– Suma

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