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It’s been  almost a week since a new year creped in.  2016 was great for all of us especially to team , we completed two successful years in teaching our language, our fb page got 10,000 likes, our students strength reached a new high..and many more things. These things were achieved because of the team work of our passionate mentors who worked with great dedication and love. As our work is virtual our mentors usually remain behind the scenes and our students  and our followers only know us through our names. So I thought this year we should connect to our students more deeply…therefore  I decided to introduce our team members one by one  through this platform.

Here is our first mentor…

Those who follow our Facebook page regularly they are aware that there used to be one Kannada lesson each day. Everyday  two words were taught without fail except weekends. But what people don’t know is the person behind these posts… That is our Mentor  Rohith (Rotta).

Rotta is not his surname 🙂 its his nick name given by his childhood friend which he still carries with love and affection, this shows how friendly he is and how much he values the friendship.  This person who rarely gets angry and finishes of every job assigned to him with full dedication has another biggest passion other than Kannada, that is biking!  Yes he loves biking and his bike is his life. He takes care of it passionately but never spends on it unnecessarily. It shows how much cautious he is about his money.

When we always rant about the negligent, rude aimless behavior of younger generations people like Rohith stand apart. One who is so focused about his goals, so passionate about his mother tongue when people shy away even talk in their mother tongue is something to be appreciated.

He is the one who connects with people just because they speak Kannada says our other mentor Niveditha who is also his friend and colleague at Infosys technologies. Infact they became friends because of a conversation Niveditha was having in Kannada over the phone, recalls  Niveditha, which is an evidence to his love for the language Kannada. This love for the language drew him towards Kannadagottilla. As he was searching for Kannada sites online he came across Kannada Gottilla and messaged the team. Anup  our  founder  called him and thus he joined the team, recalls Rohith.

Since the day he joined the  team along with teaching,  he happily and wholeheartedly  lend his hand to build the Facebook page for Kannada Gottilla and posted more than 200 lessons religiously. This is incredible service I believe. When we talk about patriotism or service to language  and land or any other such thing we have a set patterns in our mind how it should be.. like soldier for patriotism, a person carrying flag or placard shouting slogans for  any activist. But in my view Rohith an  Engineer by profession without any literature back ground  doing  this  activity is on par with any other “Kannada Chaluvaligara”  who  claims to work for Kannada. Hats off to u Rohith :-).

These are the activities he does along with his first love that is biking and travelling. Since I met this boy two years ago I have seen him going on a bike ride at least  once in two months sometimes  more.

According  to our other mentors he is a cool guy who rarely  looses his temper and very friendly  and little shy by nature. He surprised all of us when he came out of his comfort zone and performed a stand up comedy  act. This is the change we the team is happy  to acknowledge.

Coming to his teaching efforts he is excelling in that field also. He makes all the attempts to clarify the doubts of students. When he himself is in doubt he clarifies with other team members and make sure that the student get a perfect answer.

His contribution in other activities of Kannada gottilla are priceless and noteworthy. He is a team builder and motivates others to work says Niveditha and Ranju  our mentors.

I am so proud to see this boy working with dedication at this young age. He is a true inspiration for any other person who wants to contribute something to the legacy of our language and culture. Instead of sitting quiet and complaining this guy with his acts make us feel proud.

Rohith I think  you should be proud of yourself…Yes I am serious.

Rohith ninu namma thandada obba amulya hagu hemmeya sadhasya.

If  you are in Bangalore and what to meet this awesome guy…please attend our monthly live class which is going to happen on 8th January at Rangoli metro art center M.G Road.

– Suma

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