Let’s learn some Time and Space words


I hope you had fun at work this week. If not, nothing to worry, you will have it now learning these space and time related words in Kannada.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this Kannada laali song called as ‘Baana Daariyalli Surya Jaari Hoda’ from Bhagyavantha (1981). Laali songs are nothing but lullaby. This one song is kinda special and close to every Kannadiga’s heart, because in the video version of it, you will see a small kid singing this lullaby to his Uncle. The song is so simple and haunting that it will keep us in loop for hours. An hour listening to it, made me think, it would be good to share time and space terms to non kannadiga friends at Kannada Gottilla.

Without any delay, let’s get into topic. Two important words to start with: Light and Dark. Light is called beLaku and dark is called as kattalu. The following two sentences will help you keep these words in mind. Consider yourself at a wedding ceremony and you’ve celebrated every bit of it with your friends. Now, comes the most important part, presenting the gifts to bride and bridegroom. You may now wish them with ‘Nimma Jeevana BeLakaagirali’ which loosely translates to let there be light in your life. In the above life, the word light or beLaku is symbol of hope and peace. Ok, now consider yourself at work; you’ve finished all your work and said bye to your team lead. But your friend from other cabin is in war with his computer as he’s unable to find the bug that’s faulting his app model. Now you may say, ‘kattalu aagutide, hogona’ which translates into ‘It’s getting dark, shall we go?’ Now, this is all about two important terms light and dark. The presence and absence of these elements make day and night. Munjaane means morning, Madhyahna means afternoon, Sanje or Mussanje means Evening and Raatri means night. That’s all about time and related parameters. Now let’s move on to space topic.
Let’s recall the top song again. Baana daariyalli, baana means of sky, where as baaNa means arrow; and daari means way and hence daariyalli refers to in the way of. So, collectively, baana daariyalli refers to in the pathway of sky. Surya jaari hoda, refers to surya i.e, the sun slipped into his home. Chandra mele banda, Chandra i.e, moon came to top. Forget the logic in the song as it is in viewpoint of a school kid, and please note down the translated words below:
Surya – Sun Chandra – Moon
Graha – Planet; Grahagalu – Planets

That’s all about time and space for now, good night folks, or “Baana daariyalli, surya jaari hoda; chandra mele banda”.

Arun Kumar P.T

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from JNNCE, Shivamogga and now working at Vijaya Bank. Arunkumar is also a part-time Kannada blog writer at Apoorna Kanasu, which can be roughly translated as “Dreams Unfulfilled”. Arun likes reading, watching movies, capture photos and travel.

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