The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Mercury is the thermometer… but this time its not the thermometer or the chemical used in tubelight, it’s a movie. Yes Mercury is a newly released movie in kannada language, no no hindi wait I think its tamil, may be telugu or Malayalam. Now u doubt that whether have I watched the movie or haven’t. Hahaha (Yes) I have watched the movie but its not in any language which I mentioned above. It’s a silent movie without any punching dialogues, no hero introduction, no lectures on love, no sentiments  etc.. but it shows everything with just facial expressions.

I will narrate to you the story by putting up few questions. Story starts with 5 youngsters partying after their alumini meet up. They were high on drinks and were playing very loud music due to which they got caught by police. You may feel that this story goes  normal and whats so special about it… watch it to know how to get through these situations without a single dialogue.

Now coming back to the story, these youngsters meet  prabudev (A famous Actor, dancer and director). Meeting prabhudev is a turning point of the movie. Why do they meet him? How do they meet him? Why does he take them to the old factory in the town? Was prabhudev saving them? All these questions will be answered when u watch the movie. Best part of the movie is all these  are explained with just expressions of the actors. It is mesmerizingly carried out throughout the movie by directors, actors and with great camera work.

Prabhudeva’s acting is at its best. He has given life to the character. Conveying everything with just an expression is really a tough job but actors have presented it really well and a great work by the director to bringing in sentiment, comedy, love etc  without any dialogues.. cinematography also played a biggest role in the screenplay. Its really a good experiment and worth a watch.  Book Your tickets right away.

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