Resolution – a Firm decision to do or not to do..
I bet you have resolutions for health and wealth
like running daily.. going to gym.. being Fit.. wealth wise.. promotion, buying a new car (SUV).. and obviously learning guitar, Bike trip to Kerala.. Ladakh trip.. Buying a DSLR.. opening a photography page.. and a lot of things..

YES I AGREE.. you must have these.. but these are self-development programs.. and why do we have only self-development programs? Selfiees Selfieees Selfieees everywhere? These are just questions in my mind.. not a bla bla blame to society.. We are Lucky to have such a country and such people who are really better in relationships than any other part of the world.. I respect my countrymen.
Ok, coming back to the topic.. resolution.. lets add something to the list.. No no.. we are not gonna join politics or go out and do social work.. but just help others whenever possible.. that s enough..

1) Help a stranger when he needs help..

2) Please do not use car unless it is required, you are going to office alone (and you have no health issues) take a public transport.. take a Bike.. Cycle.. Walk.. This will help a kid who is suffering with Asthma because of the pollution.

3) Speak up – whenever you see anything wrong.. shopkeeper selling Thumsup for 12 rs.. speak up.. A guy honking unnecessarily speak up.. Animal violence.. child labour.. anything that is wrong..

I am gonna add these 3 points in my resolution list.. I will teach Kannada to atleast 100 people next year for free to help their lives go easy in the city. I will try not to contribute to the pollution.. I will try not to contribute to any anti-social activity.. and stand up against evil
Happy New year by Maiya Photography and Kannada Gottilla Team..

-Nimma Anup

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