Preethiyinda.. With Love…

Yesterday.. I opened  a  discussion  in one of  my WhatsApp group, about weight management and health management, being the REIKI channels group, basic mantra of the group is unconditional love… so, with all the discussion the conclusion if u Love yourself, you love your body then u won’t dump unnecessary things in the body making it heavy… so Love is the only solution…

This Love is the only solution point poked me to think in another direction because, it not only holds good for health but also to every walk of life. So.. it took another direction in my thoughts.. It took me towards our Kannada Gottilla team,  Why do we teach kannada in Kannada Gottilla, and why we are being successful… yes yes It is “Love”.  True unconditional love. All of us in the team love our language. None of us are from literature background, many of our team members are Engineers but the only thing we all are bonded together is the love for our language and culture and we love to spread this to the whole world.

No I won’t say passion.. it is some what heavy word…. it is Love…

All of us Love our language and our state. We also love our neighbors and  their languages. We don’t have any issues with their language since we love our language we teach lovingly to the people who in turn love to learn our language. That’s why we are successful in our endeavor. We try to reach people lovingly and the response is awesome and we have nearly 2200 students from all over the WORLD…yes world.

This Love creates miracles.. from WhatsApp now we are also teaching kannada Live every first Sunday @ Rangoli Metro center.

So This is a loving invitation from the Whole Kannada Gottilla team to be the part of this event this month … come join us lovingly and encourage us to do more and more work… All of us love our language, come out of love to experience the love for our KANNADA… be their with us support us.

KG Meet-01.05.2016

Kannadada melina preethiyinda, preethigagi, preethigoskara, banni nimma mitrarannu kare thanni…. Kannadada preethi hanchuva kayakdalli bhagiyagi..




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