Pushpaka Vimaana: A word short to express my experience

The most common dreams of the people in this world are always related to flying. So my dreams are not different from the rest of the world, I want to fly and go beyond the universe. By then I got an opportunity to fly microlight aircraft. I booked the slot and waited for the day with full of excitement.

On the day of Training, it was the fear of height and death frightened me. But, we all know that dream always overcomes the fear. So I reached the place and organizers gave few instructions about the plane and its control. That’s it, time to fly. I was strapped to the seat and Aravind sir (pilot) being very nice, changed my mood and made me feel comfortable.

We are on a runway all set to take off. I was instructed to hold the control stick with three fingers and then we started to accelerate. I was looking at the clear blue sky, within 10 seconds, we lifted up but, my eyes were still on that blue sky. Aravind sir informed me that we are flying and instructed me to remove hand from control stick and be relaxed. Every foot in our elevation was breaking the chains which tied me to the earth. So it was a true freedom and happiness. At 4000 feet I tried to turn the plane in right and left direction and Aravind sir made me to experience -1 G-Force. Though height and G-Force were scaring me a lot, but my inner thought process is completely in different level. It was like I am an Eagle flying high in the sky, people are so tiny that they were looking like preys; I felt like to grab them from the bottom of my plane. Meanwhile, we started to descent and landed. After getting down from plane my mind is full empty, no thoughts were going on, it was as clear as the blue sky. Later I sat there for a while and watched the planes taking off and landing.

This is my most unsatisfied write up., No matter what words I use or what expressions I give, I won’t be able to make you feel what I experienced.


Those who wants to experience:

Place:         Agni Aerospace, Jakkur aerodrome, Bengaluru.

Duration:  10 minutes.

Cost:         3425/-

Contact:    Nithin- 9035003434

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