Remembering the Legend Devraj

I was just wondering how Devraj sir used to do meaningful movies in 90’s. We always thought what was he even trying to do or trying to say. People watched one or two movies and then they never gave much of concentration to those movies..

Devraj sir was seen as Circle inspector in some movies.. as police inspector in some movies.. as CID officer, and then he changes his life as a common man from police due to lot of issues. He was always accused of being dis-honest, even though

he is honest.. He had to fight a lot of 13-1399976583-devrajinterferences, he had get over the barriers.

These movies were repeatedly shown on TV channels.. I was never bothered of those movies.. now I realize.. he was trying to give an awesome message.. He was always a person who wanted to help society with some great messages and uplift the social values.. Anyways.. Salutes to this great Legend “Dynamic Hero”.. smile emoticon.

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