Stop saying KANNADA GOTTILLA ..!!

In a survey conducted by a newspaper recently, it was revealed that nearly 30% people in Bangalore are not from even born in Karnataka, and a lot of them don’t even know Kannada, absolutely ZERO..!! These are people especially in Whitefield and other IT sectors and other industrial areas, as Bengaluru is Indian Silicon Valley, way more people are coming here. Most of them are trying to learn Kannada, but its being difficult with busy schedules and what not, in this busy city, where you don’t get time to even shop grocery and people started, or wishing your sick friend by sending flowers from your office cabin at ITPL..!! But some are not even bothered as they know they can’t, but between these language problems, our shopkeepers, autowala and bus conductors started learning speaking in English, can we say THANK YOU VETA..? These people think everyone is from North India, even though I am a proper Kannadiga, most of the time I am addressed as Bhai, No offence BHAI, #BHAIROXX..!

Its not inevitable to learn Kannada in Bengaluru, but it’ll make your life a bit easy as well as our own Ramanna (Like Ramu Kaaka), and also we Kannada people find it adorable and happy when we see you trying to speak in Kannada, especially Girls. Even Sabjiwala learns Hindi so that it’ll bBangaloree easy for you people, but how about you making him his life easier and bring a smile on his face by asking Pudina in Kannada (Well its Pudina as well in Kannada)? You can’t learn Kannada script overnight, need help with translating things for you?

Now lets come to the point, recently I got an invitation to join a group/page in Facebook, and when I went through the page, the ideas and efforts by the creators amused me. Its, in English it means I DON’T KNOW KANNADA, basically the only sentence many of our North Indian friends know. So you can assume the point behind this domain name. Yes, you can subscribe, there are different ways for that, and learn Kannada as well as get help when you need it. I even saw a post as they aren’t asking any significant amount of fees, they say YOU PAY WHAT WE DESERVE, well I don’t know how it works, but it sounds nice.

Seeing this my hopes are up, with everyone speaking some basic English which we use in day-to-day life, and also by using WhatsApp to teach and provide this kind of service to people, where WhatsApp is inevitable in our life nowadays, creators approached interested people brilliantly.

So why to wait anymore people, start learning Kannada and stop saying KANNADA GOTTILLA, shock and scare off some Doodhwalas and Sabjiwaalas. Kannada FTW. Period.

-Vikas Krishna Kolari


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