The couple who teach 50000 students for free.


4 years of work with 3500 free classes to 50000 students. creates easy videos for Physics, Chemistry and Maths for all Class 10th, 11th, and 12th students and that too for free.

Gopal Agarwal and Roshni Agarwal the IT couple Bengaluru is all keen to teach students who cannot afford after college coaching classes. They teach Maths, Chemistry, Physics. Everyday after the office, they spend more than 2 hours for recording the video. Subjects just made simple and interactive so that any student can understand the concept rather than just mugging up the portion.

No, they don’t get any money from this. But, still they are doing this from 4 years with almost 3500 videos uploaded on their website and youtube. they have earned nothing, but still they are continuing the work. I asked him why, he told me to check the youtube comments. Students really are thankful for classes. Many of the students have cleared the exams with more than 80% of average without paying anything to anyone. There are more than 50,000 students all over the country learning here..

“We both love to teach, but there was a higher purpose attached to this project. We wanted to help those students who could not afford private coaching and help them beat their fear of exams,” says Roshni Agarwal.
The couple is working hard to improve the quality of videos for the benefit of students and the ardent fans of ‘ExamFear’. The attempt is to make the videos as interactive as possible and add more animations to it.

While there are many websites, which may offer similar videos, but as they say good things don’t come for free. Roshni and Gopal are committed to spread education for free. You want to try?
Salute to this couple.


feeling happy at Belandur.

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