We have Managers.. do we have leaders?

We have Managers.. do we have leaders?

The incident at the one of the multiplexes at Pune. I was watching one of the bollywood movies with my friends and the cinema hall had more than 50 people watching the same movie. The Cinema went on for 1 hour and suddenly, the screening was stopped. Everyone wondered, and waited to start the cinema.

Obviously all the educated IT guys in the cinema hall started praising about the great experiences they had in the cinema halls outside the country (US, UK, Australia to be specific). They started cribbing about poor technology our country. The critisicm was loud about the poor service and corruption in the country, in the meanwhile they had all praises about other countries. It was 1100 PM late night, but people still had enough comments about the country and politicians. The Enthu within them was very high even in the midnight. They had great Ideas to solve the problems in the country politics.


I waited for 5-8 min, left the cinema hall.. contacted the Manager.. went with him to the porjector room to find some techincal issues and got approval to move into a different hall to watch the same movie continuation. The Manager was so humble, he even offered me a coffee untill he made some arrangements.

And obviously, all other sheeps followed to the next hall.. once the movie started in a different Cinema hall.

Do we just have people who advise everyone? or just crib about the wrong things? why cant we try to make it straight? Start with small things.. speak up.. change wrong things to right..
We will have Great leaders emerging.

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