Why disrespect to Language asks Bengaluru

Welcome to Karnataka.. Namma Bengaluru.. Everyone all welcome here.. no we dont have any problem with anyone(not even with other country people unless they do something wrong).. no we dont disagree with any language people .. no we dont show disrespect to any languages..

Yes we talk all the languages to help other language people ease their life.. Yes we adjust to all culture.. Yes, we dont tell people what to eat and what not to.. (You get more rotis than Raagi Mudde).. Yes, we watch Hindi movies (even if they are just a remake of regional movies).. Yes, we are helpful.. Yes, we have jobs.. Yes, we have kind, soft spoken people around..

No we dont impose anything. not language or culture..
If someone pay taxes, they are also enjoying the state facilities like Jobs, earning money, roads, water, Electricity, Climate, awesome city, crowd, fun, security, Safety.. and what not.. right?

But.. Why should someone show disrespect our Language?? Why would someone show a disrespect to Kannada movies? Why the hell the language is not treated equal as any other language?
If you are non-Kannadiga.. showing disrespect to the language and culture.. please nim daari neevu nodkolrappa..
Now, If you are non-kannadiga staying at Bengaluru and having fun yourself without bothering people.. have fun guys.. welcome to the city.. let me know.. we can party together smile emoticon..

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